Stitcher Radio iPhone app gets friendly with Facebook Timeline

I’m a big fan of the Stitcher Radio app (I have over 800 hours of usage, it tells me) and the company just released an updated iPhone app which will guarantee that my friends know how much I dig it because it now includes integration with Facebook’s Timeline.

Once you download the updated app and authorize Facebook, it’s simple to share the podcasts and live radio that you listen to. Stitcher said it has worked closely with Facebook on this and that it is one of the first mobile apps with Timeline integration. In a blog post, Stitcher describes the Facebook features like this:

See what your friends are listening to all in once place, share your own favorites and view your Stitcher listening stats. You’ll also be able to discover new podcasts your friends are listening to via Facebook and share your favorite shows. This is a first for talk radio and new way to share the listening experience with the people that matter to you.

The Facebook Timeline integration is just on the iOS app right now but I’m sure that the Android version will be getting some love soon. We already know that hooking into Facebook Timeline can have a huge impact on app usage, so I hope the same happens with Stitcher because I think that every talk radio/podcast fan should be using it. I also like that you can get granular with what podcasts or shows you share.

You can download the Stitcher Radio app with deep Facebook hooks here (iTunes link).

[Via Stitcher]

  • I’m a big fan of the Stitcher Radio app. Thank you for a great post.

  • Anonymous

    This sticher radio app is awesome, with it you can live live… thanks.

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