Video: Nokia teaser confirms that we’re going to see a camera focused flagship at MWC

Nokia’s just uploaded a 22 second video to YouTube that’s basically a series of images paired up with text that confirms what we’ve been reporting for a few weeks now, that Nokia is going to launch a camera focused flagship device at Mobile World Congress next week. According to the rumors currently floating around the internets, said device will be called the Nokia 808 Pure View. It’s supposedly going to run Symbian Belle, which may be a disappointment for some, but whatever, not like it’s the end of the world. We don’t know anything about the Pure View, except that it’ll have the largest image sensor ever seen on a mobile phone. Some folks are saying it’ll have a 4 inch screen, others say it’ll be just 3.5 inches. We know it’s going to have NFC, just like every other Symbian Belle device, but again, everything else is hazy. How much will it cost? When will it ship? How many megapixels will it capture? Monday can’t come soon enough!

As for the rest of Nokia’s Mobile World Congress lineup, rumor has it that we’re going to see two Windows Phones, the Lumia 610 and Lumia 910, as well as three Asha feature phones. Concentrating on the Lumia devices, the 610 is supposedly going to be running Windows Phone Tango, a version of Windows Phone that’s tailor made to run on low end hardware. The Lumia 910 on the other hand will be just like the Lumia 900 that was announced last month at the Consumer Electronics Show, except that it’s not going to feature 4G LTE, but instead will have an improved 12 megapixel camera.

Are you excited about these three smartphones? To be honest, we’re still waiting to hear more about Windows Phone 8, codename Apollo, because Windows Phone as it’s currently shipping just doesn’t cut it for us.

[Via: All About Symbian]

  • Successor of the best camera phone ever. iP4S users, stop your internal dialogues.

  • This is not Panasonic Lumix…..

  • This is not Panasonic Lumix…..

  • Discreetenquiries

    Stefan I totally agree with you.. I like Windows Phone a lot but the hardware as of Mango is simply not good enough. Its need Hi Def screens, dual core support and support for 1080p video recording etc. I think Windows will finally be capable of denting Android when Apollo comes out.
    I think Windows main competitor will be Android not IOS. Apple fans are pretty hardcore in their support of that platform but I see Android users as being more floating. They could be wooed away from Android but not as Windows stands at present.  Windows is good but at present its half baked. I think Apollo will see Windows mature as an OS. Its vital that Microsoft get Apollo right not only for them but also for Nokia. Nokia will keep the excellent hardware going so its the software now that has to be right. Fingers crossed!

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