Droid Fighter and LG Cayman: two new Android phones headed to Verizon?

Droid-Life got the scoop from their sources that Verizon Wireless will soon release two new Android handsets: the Droid Fighter and LG Cayman.

The image above is supposedly a schedule for different phone and tablet workshops for the carrier’s employees. The majority of devices on the list are ones that are already on the market such as the Motorola Xyboard and LG Spectrum. The last two, however, have yet to be announced. The LG Cayman has a scheduled workshop on March 29th and the Droid Fighter has one a couple of weeks later on April 12th.

The Droid Fighter curiously does not have a manufacturer associated with it in the image. The Droid 4 has “by Motorola” listed next to it, but alas this upcoming Droid Fighter stands alone. Motorola is the primary manufacturer of the Droid line, but Samsung and HTC have each made their own contributions, e.g. the Samsung Droid Charge and the HTC Droid Incredible line. The Droid Fighter could be made by any one of these vendors at this point.

LG isn’t exactly the strongest player in the Android game, so don’t get overly excited over the Cayman, particularly since the LG Spectrum was just released. If high-end is what you seek, the Droid line usually delivers. Oh, and if anyone representing the Droid Fighter’s manufacturer is reading this, keep in mind that the tech world always screams for Ice Cream.

The dates next to each device above, although not release dates, should hint that the respective devices should be released around those times.

[via Droid-Life]

  • Nstiener571

    odd that the “droid fighter” doesnt have a company listed of manufacturing   

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