Box offers Android users 50 GB free storage, updates app

Box has a habit of giving users some free storage to users but to celebrate its updated Android app, the company is giving a whopping 50 GB of free storage to any Android user who activates an account within the next 30 days.

Box is in the red-hot cloud storage space and this offer will make it more of a competitor to Dropbox when it comes to consumers but the company is quick to point out that it easily stands out from the crowd by offering strong enterprise and collaboration support. You and I may not really care that Box enables business-ready provisioning but you can be sure that the CIO at your company does and it says that 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies are already using Box. But even if you never use it for work, that 50 GB of storage will be yours for free for the life of your Box account.

The company said it is making a strong investment in Android (this is the third version already) because it’s viewing a sea change in how businesses connect. While Windows used to be the main end point for businesses, iOS and Android are becoming major players in the enterprise space.

The updated Android app includes a revamped user interface that Box worked with Google on and this brings many Android Ice Cream Sandwich elements to the app. That new user interface will be coming to all versions of Android though and it will also include multiple file uploads.

Interestingly enough, Box said that 40 percent of its usage comes from outside the United States, so the latest Android Box app includes language support for French, italian, German and Spanish. Collaborators on the go can also now comment on photos.

You can download the updated Box Android app here and you can check out the company’s demo video below.

  • G-MaN

    Unfortunately there’s a 25mb cap per file 🙁

  • Offer of 50 gp is more than enough.
    Box is in the red-hot cloud storage space and this offer will make it more of a competitor  to consumers.

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