iOS kicks Android’s ass at HTML5 gaming, the maker of a cross-platform development tool kit for games, decided to conduct a study pitting iOS against Android to see which platform HTML5 games perform better on. It did so by determining how many images their respective browsers can move across the screen while maintaining at least 30 fps.

The test dates back to the iPhone 3GS of 2009 when the iPhone had virtually no competition. It scored a 53, which means it could handle 53 images moving all at once before dropping below 30 frames per second. Next came the original iPad in early 2010 with its Apple A4 chip and scored a 98. It also had no competing tablets to go head-to-head with.

Enter Android.

The iPhone 4 up against the Motorola Droid 2 — which are both from around mid-2010 — scored in Apple’s favor. The iPhone 4 received a 73 while the Droid 2 achieved only 1 animated image at 30 fps. That’s right folks: one. Uno.

Next up is the iPad 2 running iOS 4.3.3 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The former scores an impressive 198 and the latter scores 65. Meh.

Then comes Apple’s same tablet — the iPad 2 — but this time running iOS 5.0.1, the latest version of iOS to date. This goes up against Amazon’s Kindle Fire. It ends up being an astounding 327 compared to a disappointing 25. Now some may argue that the Kindle Fire is only $199 while the iPad 2 starts at $499. True, so I did some math and found that in order for the Kindle Fire to balance out in terms of value, it would have had to score a 130 on’s test. Damn that Silk.

Finally, the last test is a battle between the iPhone 4S and the new and arguably best Android phone on the market, the Galaxy Nexus. The margin is way smaller here, but the iPhone still wins with 252 and the Galaxy Nexus gets a 147. To Android’s credit, however, it’s unclear whether or not used Chrome for Android (which would probably result in a higher score) or the stock Browser app in Ice Cream Sandwich.

Overall in terms of gaming and graphics, iOS kicks some serious ass.

[via VentureBeat]

  • Junkmail

    I know you’re a fanboy but this goes too far. Surely its about real world use and not stats. I think apple devices can be beautiful to use but they lack in areas that android provide in depth rather than being a advertising gimick. What about the simple lack of flash? Or simple fact your herded into apples world, those that are open-minded end up jailbreaking their iPhone, whereas you hear so little of this on android. Why not report something useful rather than clutch at straws

    • Jon Garrett

       page views = advert dollars. pity.

    • Android is very quickly headed into a world without Flash as well, so that’s no longer a disadvantage on the part of iOS (and in my opinion, it never was.) Also I can understand the argument of real world use, but when you compare numbers from tests that are so far apart, they are very likely to be similar in the real world as well.

  • Drew Nusser

    So, where can I check out some of these HTML5 games?  I know that with Chrome I get a 141,000+ score on the browsermark test (yes, the same test that iPhone 4s users were bragging about when they got about a 89,000).  If that test is any indication, sorry George, you’re a little late bringing this to the table, because my guess is that Android has already surpassed it.

  • Where is the HTML test on the PlayBook?  Surely could beat IOS 4.3.3 or 5!

    • Anonymous

      They actually tested the Playbook with 1.0.8 — the Playbook is faster than Android but slower than iphone/ipad.  But that’s with 1.0.8 — without WebGL and hardware accelerated canvas that is in 2.0.

  • It’s obvious that apple got years ahead of google in html5..this test is useless..juss a bunch of android haters tryna up 1 on google..womp let’s do this same test on flash.wait!ios don’t got flash but android got ironic..wait till google jumps into html full

  • Phil

    I’m a proud Android owner (tablet and 2 smartphones), but as a mobile web developer this doesn’t surprise me at all. Anything involving animation in the stock browser is just extremely slow. Many of the animations I’ve done function as low as 2-4 fps, whereas iOS (iPhone/iPad) are just butter smooth. Hate to say that, but just telling it like it is.

  • Guestus

    it is also expensive as heck and horribly closed.

  • Really amazing numbers…

  • I see your bias you  sure forget that 2009 the iphone 3gs had change with the original droid u forgot about them commercial and specs???? ummm 

  • I think Androids showing is pretty good for a new system. Apples main claim to prosperity and fame has always been graphics – so they better know what they are doing. But it is nice to have this comparison to clear away all the advertising fluff. 

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  • Bindeshkumarsingh

    so take a benchmark, send me your html5 game i will test it on my Huawei X5 Pro, which can play games at decent speed same as if i play on PC browsers.I will send you the video also. BTW your idea about 3 times fast looks childish without any authentic data with full description of phone models and apps.

  • I will test it on my Huawei X5 Pro, which can play games at decent speed
    same as if i play on PC browsers.I will send you the video also. BTW
    your idea about 3 times fast looks childish without any authentic data
    with full description of phone models and apps.

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