Google, Motorola to hand over Android information to Apple

As the legal battles continue, Google and Motorola Mobility have been ordered U.S. judge to hand over information about the development of its Android operating system to Apple. MMI and the Cupertino-based tech giant have been going back and forth suing each other over infringing ones patents, which led to small victories for Apple in Motorola’s FRAND patent, and a win for Moto; making Apple disable iCloud push notifications in Germany.

Of course, to no ones surprise, the Illinois-based manufacturer has opposed Apple’s ask for the information, saying that Google shouldn’t be apart of the lawsuit. In a court filing on Monday, Motorola’s lawyers stated that “Google’s employees and documents are not within the ‘possession, custody, or control’ of Motorola, and Motorola cannot force Google to produce documents of witnesses over Google’s objections.”

All court proceedings going forward will be scheduled as back-to-back trials before two separate juries, beginning on June 11, 2012 ……. Sorry for the pause, as I just yawned. Seriously, this patent trolling perpetuated by Apple, is nauseating as it takes away from what really matters — which is companies being able to serve consumers with improved products. I’m not saying that Apple shouldn’t use our flawed legal system to flex its patent muscle against its competitors, but I’d like to see them compete more on the innovation front. Not this legal crap going on now.



  •  Well, Charlie you have been so precise on telling Apple to use brains on the technology front and get over with the legal stuff! Innovation should not suffer due to such erratic behavior of the iphone manufacturer. The standards set by the Apple is now surpassed by Android. But, this should be a case of improving standards for Apple to still be a key player in mobile space. Leave the patent infringement cases aside and concentrate on giving the globe an advancing technology.

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