iOS hacker Chronic: The iPad 3 will likely ship with 1GB of RAM

Well-known iOS hacker Chronic studied a debug output from a prototype iPad 3 that was published in early February by BGR. At the bottom, he noticed the line: “vm_page_bootstrap: 244276 free pages and 8396 wired pages.” Using that information, he then calculated that the iPad 3 will have 1 GB of RAM. He writes,

244,276 (pages) x 4,096 bytes (size of a page) = 1,000,554,496 bytes = 1GB (rounded)

This upgrade wouldn’t be surprising. In fact, I’d be surprised if it didn’t get a boost to 1 GB. The original iPad shipped with 256 MB of RAM, while the iPad 2 shipped with 512 MB. The next logical step for the iPad 3 would be 1 GB, an amount that’s already present in most recent Android tablets.

[Via Chronic]


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