Microsoft to shut down Windows Mobile Marketplace on May 9

Back in the day, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Palm OS were the smartphone kings. The three platforms competed for market share and pushed what you could do with handsets. That was then and this in now and now Microsoft is preparing to take its Windows Mobile (not Windows Phone) marketplace offline.

The Redmond company sent a note to its customers informing them that the marketplace will be shuttered on May 9th. Since June 2011, users have been unable to download apps from the Windows Mobile website and now customers have until May 9th to download apps to their device. After that date, the service will go black and apps will no longer be available for download.

If you’re still hanging onto your old Windows Mobile phone, you can head over to xda-developers where there’s still a group of enthusiasts actively working on the platform.

[Via TechCrunch]

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