Samsung’s Galaxy S III is done, in production, and set to be the best Galaxy yet

One device that was sorely missed from Mobile World Congress last month was Samsung’s third generation Galaxy S. The South Korean handset maker let us know well in advance that they weren’t going to be showing off their latest flagship at MWC, so it’s not like we were disappointed, but we have to admit that we did feel a bit empty inside. We know the Galaxy S III will be announced during the first half of this year and start shipping soon thereafter, but today we have some new information courtesy of Eldar Murtazin, Editor in Chief of Mobile-Review. According to him the Galaxy S III has been finalized, it’s currently being mass produced, and “preorders from operators/retailers are really highest for all Galaxy line history”. He also adds that the GS III is made out of ceramic, though we don’t exactly know what that means. Does it mean that the device is made from the same stuff that your coffee cup is made of or does it mean that Samsung’s reinforced their plastic with something to make it feel less … cheap?

Regarding the actual specifications of the Galaxy S III, there’s a lot of misinformation currently floating around the internet. Some folks are saying it’s going to have a 4.8 inch 1080p screen, others are saying it’s a non-Pentile version of the display in the Galaxy Nexus, and as for the processor, yikes. Is it dual core, quad core, 32 nanometer, 45 nanometer? None of this matters of course since what’s truly important is how well Samsung fine tunes Ice Cream Sandwich. Will they introduce a new version of TouchWIZ, will they leave ICS alone, will they keep the same old skin we’ve been seeing for the past two to three years?

As we said earlier, there’s very little reliable information about the GS III at the moment.

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    is he romanian?

    If so, were is he born?

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  • Snake Plissken

    The successor to the Galaxy SII is set to be the best Galaxy phone? NO WAY. I THOUGHT THEY’D MAKE ONE WORSE.

  • Anonymous

    No question SAMSUNG has dominated android all of 2011 and will do exactly the same in 2012. I enjoy my GALAXY NEXUS extremely but looking for the GALAXY JOURNAL/NOTE 2 or the GALAXY S3 to arrive to Verizon by September will be perfect to add to my Galaxy Nexus.

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