Virgin Mobile goes down across the US – No texts or data in sight

It looks like Virgin Mobile‘s text and data services are down across the country leaving customers unable to access those check-in services and Facebook at all. Phone calls? A thing of the past.

Apparently the issue has been going on all day but Virgin Mobile has only recently acknowledged the outage on Facebook. A generic statement was given, saying that their engineers are hard at work to fix the problem and that it should be back up soon, which is forgivable. What else do you say?

Hi everyone! We apologize, but we are currently experiencing a national data & text messaging outage. Our engineers are working diligently to resolve it. We will provide you with any updates as we receive them. Thank you for your patience.

For now Virgin Mobile users will just have to deal with the lack of texts and data access, and we know, it’s harder than it sounds. But maybe you should finally crack open that book you were meaning to.. Five years ago. Or, if you’re like me, you can treat any network outage like an earthquake and get under your desk and put your head between your legs. It’ll blow over soon enough.

Hopefully Virgin will get its act together and its network back up on the double. Still, it’s not like it’s the nation’s most reliable carrier or anything, and a carrier of that sort of stature would never run into those issues, right?

[Via: Engadget, Facebook]

  • Shirondale Kelley

    Thank you for reporting this, I have been going crazy trying to figure out what the issue was. I thought that I had left my phone EVDO only mode and the software was refusing to update. Instead it’s just an outage. It’s been happening since 9:08am Eastern time, the last time I received any messages. I was actively texting multiple people at that time and just thought I had bored everyone to death or something.

  • Paige

    Virgin Mobile is being stupid everytime I call about the subject they reject my call so I hope they fix this soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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