Blurtt for iOS adds images to messages

Blurtt for iOS adds images to messages

Blurtt, the service that lets you add images to messages (and it’s not MMS), released its iOS app, helping users “create more meaningful and memorable messages.” Using the free to download application, you can search the web for an image, add text, and share with friends through text, email, Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s how it works (from the press release):

Users can create and share a blurtt with just a few easy steps. First, a user either searches the web for an image or chooses an image from their camera roll. Next, 100 characters or less of text is added to the image. Finally, a user can quickly edit the placement, size, and font of the text before sharing the blurtt via their social networks, email or text. Other features include the ability to send anonymous blurtts, the ability to modify other people’s blurtts to create unique expressions and a preview gallery of other blurtts that have been created.

I’m not a big fan of image messaging but I know many folks who find pure text limiting their expressions. If you’re in the group, feel free to try out Blurtt – the iTunes link is below.

Blurtt (FREE) [iTunes link]

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