Walking and texting causes woman to fall off a pier

Texting explodes

Texting while walking can be efficient, but sometimes doing two things at once can be problematic. Just ask Bonnie Miller of Benton Harbor, Michigan. According to a news report from ABC57 News, Mrs. Miller took an unfortunate plunge off a pier while she was texting and walking.

The incident happened during an evening walk with her husband and son. As the trio passed onto the pier, she remembered she set an appointment for the wrong the time. She pulled out her phone and began to fix the error. She didn’t even get three words typed out before she stumbled and fell over the edge of the pier into the cold water of a river channel that leads to Lake Michigan.

Her husband and a bystander jumped into the river to help her. Her son reached down to help steady her against the pier. She stayed by the side of the pier until firefighters, police and the Coast Guard arrived to help her and her rescuers out of the water.

[ABC57 News]

  • Anonymous

    Was her phone still working afterwards?

  • FybrOptx

    Did she get her appointment fixed?

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