AT&T quietly testing ‘Plus’ loyalty program in select markets

AT&T isn’t exactly the carrier that comes to mind when one thinks of customer satisfaction. In fact, AT&T often finds itself at the bottom of surveys taken by the likes of Consumer Reports and J.D. Power and Associates. Despite negative consumer sentiment, it appears AT&T is taking the customer satisfaction issue fairly seriously, and is testing a customer loyalty program called AT&T Plus to customers in select markets.

AT&T customers in Colorado, Minneapolis, and Houston who meet certain criteria are starting to receive small perks just for being a loyal Ma Bell customer. These perks range from a VIP phone number for customer service calls, waived upgrade and 2nd-line activation fees, 25% off non-Apple accessories, and various other perks; one customer received a $10 Starbucks gift-card.

No firm details have been given regarding the Plus promotion as AT&T is unsure if it will roll this program out nationally anytime soon, if at all. In a statement to The Verge AT&T notes:

We’re trialing a pilot loyalty program, called AT&T Plus, with a select group of our wireless customers to get their feedback on their interest in this type of program and the benefits they’d like to have from us. Right now, this is only a trial, but based on what our customers tell us, it may be something we look to roll out more widely in the future. It’s an example of our ongoing efforts to deliver a great experience for our customers.

While certainly not awe-inspiring rewards by any stretch, it’s good to see that AT&T is at least offering some benefits to customers who stay with the company. Perhaps they’ll learn a bit about what their customers want from the pilot program and roll that into future rewards programs or even generic AT&T policies. After all, aren’t we all sick of paying an upgrade fee every time we want a new device?

We will, of course, bring you more details on AT&T Plus as the program is further developed. In the meantime, let us know what you think of carrier reward programs and what you’d like to see offered by dropping a comment below.

[via The Verge]

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