Camera Awesome hits 4 million users, announces Instagram partnership

Camera Awesome, a recently popular photography app for the iPhone made by photo-sharing website SmugMug, hit the 4-million-user milestone today in less than one month and, to celebrate, is announcing some great new features. Among the most exciting: Instagram integration — instagration, if I may.

Camera Awesome launched at the beginning of March with very warm reception and quickly rose to the top of the App Store charts. It’s currently the fifth most popular free app under the Photo & Video category. Don’t let the fact that it’s free fool you, it’s quite powerful.

It has an insane amount of tools for taking the perfect photos and even more for editing or sharing them after the fact. In addition to be able to share photos to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SmugMug, Flickr, Picasa, and Photobucket, with one tap users can post directly to Instagram. Yes, it appears Instagram is finally loosening up with letting third-parties access its publishing API.

Aside from that, the app update introduces some handy new features and improvements. While the app is free as mentioned and comes with plenty of editing tools, you will need to pay for additional filters at $0.99 a pop. Camera Awesome will now offer all of them in one bundle for $9.99. If you’ve already purchased a few filters but not all, purchasing the bundle will only charge you the difference. There’s also pitch-to-zoom for snapping photos, white balance lock, an improved timer, and a new getting started guide for first-timers.

The app is really one of the best available for iPhone users serious about taking beautiful photos. You can download it in the iPhone App Store.

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