Google I/O tickets start landing on eBay – for $4000

We know that there are a lot of people who missed out on Google I/O registration this year, as the whole conference sold out in under 30 minutes. Well, if you’re still desperate to go and you have a nice chunk of money to spare, you can still grab a ticket. For $4,000..

With Google’s I/O conference growing more popular by the year, it wasn’t at all surprising to see this kind of record sell out. That said, we’re sure there were a lot of developers who were looking forward to this conference missed the chance to get in on the action, even though Google did expand the attendance capacity. Some of those tickets were purchased for nothing but reselling them at an incredibly inflated price. Kind of like selling your spot in line while waiting for the new iPhone.

It’s pretty unfortunate that these tickets could have been purchased by a developer who may have saved up the $900 just to get into the show, only for someone to scoop it up and try to make a $3000+ profit. It may not be the most honorable thing to do but we can’t say it’s not smart.

Ticket transfers are approved only by Google, so even if you do purchase one, it doesn’t mean you’re getting into the show.

If you’re still hankering to get into the show, you still have some options. Said options are not the best, but it’s possible. At least there’s free shipping…

[Via: eBay]


  • I was under the assumption that Google IO tickets are NOT transferable.

    • Anonymous

      Transfers are allowed at Google’s discretion. Buying the ticket doesn’t necessarily give you a shoe in. It’s just a really dumb move to actually try to buy one at that price. I will clarify.


    damn 4k dollars i hear thought its a good time cause alot of people gonna show off there skills especially with ndk

  • Micha? Budzy?ski

    I for instance wanted to go with a friend but only got one, so it may happen that I will also either need to buy another one or sell mine. I think in this case I’m justified ?

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