Nokia Lumia 900 to sell for $449 off-contract with AT&T

Nokia Lumia 900 to cost about $450 off contract

The Nokia Lumia 900 is landing on AT&T April 8 for $100 but how much will it cost if you don’t want to sign a new, two-year contract? According to WPCenteral, the Nokia Windows Phone will be a rather reasonable $449.99 without the carrier subsidy.

This doesn’t appear to be totally official but the WPCentral folk have a good track record, so I’m not going to doubt it. While $450 isn’t cheap, it is less expensive than most other non-contract, high-end smartphones, as most of these start off at the $600+ range.

It’s also interesting to know the off-contract price because it gives you a ballpark range of what the subsidy is. I’m sure AT&T isn’t paying $450 per device – there’s some form of high-volume discount – but the consumer price may be subsidized up to $350. That’s a lot of money but I also get the feeling that Microsoft is kicking in some in order to get the Lumia 900 to such an attractive price point.

Are you going to pick up a Lumia 900 on or off contract? Check out the video below for an idea of what you’re getting.

  • Anonymous

    If I could use this on T-Mobile,i think I would definitely buy it. $450 off contract isn’t bad at all considering I spent $700+ for my galaxy nexus. Also, one question to anyone else you comments,how much different is the lumia 900 from the N9? I know developers have a build of ICS running on the N9, so would you think it would work for the 900? If not , I’ll just keep it as a windows phone and be happy with it ;) it would be nice to have the best of both worlds for Android and WP7.

  • siggeblo

    this phone is thick and heavy with very old specs. Battery destroyer

  • siggeblo

    Kind of ugly thick

  • Gregory Newman

    This smart phone is Priced right to sell and since it’s software will be upgraded to Windows 8 if the internet sources are right then it’s OK to get one. As far as not being duel core and not having a hi def screen that wont matter to a lot of people because Windows 7.5 and Windows 7.5 refresh phones are fast and responsive and do not burn up battery life as much as duel core hi def screen smart phones will do. as far as phone beauty design is concerned siggeble and others are in the Minority this phone has a Award Winning design and has an Award winning OS. America is not the World and Nokia phones are selling well overseas; Sooner or later more Americans will buy them  besides it’s OK not to be like the Majority of Americans who buy Android and Iphones  Windows smart phones are for the special selective bold People.They work well and will be super smart phones when the Windows 8 Apollo class smart phones come out later this year with duel cores and High def screens, NFC, tethering, .

  • Sumit

    i’m so gonna get this the day it launches, off-contract and take it back to germany and then, give my iPhone to a homeless guy

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