Nokia Lumia 900 to sell for $449 off-contract with AT&T

Nokia Lumia 900 to cost about $450 off contract

The Nokia Lumia 900 is landing on AT&T April 8 for $100 but how much will it cost if you don’t want to sign a new, two-year contract? According to WPCenteral, the Nokia Windows Phone will be a rather reasonable $449.99 without the carrier subsidy.

This doesn’t appear to be totally official but the WPCentral folk have a good track record, so I’m not going to doubt it. While $450 isn’t cheap, it is less expensive than most other non-contract, high-end smartphones, as most of these start off at the $600+ range.

It’s also interesting to know the off-contract price because it gives you a ballpark range of what the subsidy is. I’m sure AT&T isn’t paying $450 per device – there’s some form of high-volume discount – but the consumer price may be subsidized up to $350. That’s a lot of money but I also get the feeling that Microsoft is kicking in some in order to get the Lumia 900 to such an attractive price point.

Are you going to pick up a Lumia 900 on or off contract? Check out the video below for an idea of what you’re getting.

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    If I could use this on T-Mobile,i think I would definitely buy it. $450 off contract isn’t bad at all considering I spent $700+ for my galaxy nexus. Also, one question to anyone else you comments,how much different is the lumia 900 from the N9? I know developers have a build of ICS running on the N9, so would you think it would work for the 900? If not , I’ll just keep it as a windows phone and be happy with it ūüėČ it would be nice to have the best of both worlds for Android and WP7.

  • this phone¬†is thick and¬†heavy¬†with very old¬†specs.¬†Battery¬†destroyer

  • Kind of ugly thick

  • This smart phone is Priced right to sell and since it’s software will be upgraded to Windows 8 if the internet sources are right then it’s OK to get one. As far as not being duel core and not having a hi def screen that wont matter to a lot of people because Windows 7.5 and Windows 7.5 refresh phones are fast and responsive and do not burn up battery life as¬†much¬†as duel core hi def screen smart phones will do. as far as phone beauty design is concerned siggeble and others are in the Minority this phone has a Award Winning design and has an Award winning OS. America is not the World and Nokia phones are selling well overseas; Sooner or later more Americans will buy them ¬†besides it’s OK not to be like the Majority of Americans who buy Android and Iphones ¬†Windows smart phones are for the special selective bold People.They work well and will be super smart phones when the Windows 8 Apollo class smart phones come out later this year with duel cores and High def screens, NFC,¬†tethering, .

  • i’m so gonna get this the day it launches, off-contract and take it back to germany and then, give my iPhone to a homeless guy

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