Temple Run now available in Google Play for free

I know many of you are probably shocked by today’s news of Temple Run finally being made available for Android. I mean, yes, the developers did say it would come out on March 27th. Seeing as my calendar is showing March 27th and I not only have seen the game on Google Play, but have also played it, it’s safe to say the game might actually be available for Android today. Weeeeeeird.

As with the iOS version of Temple Run, the game is completely free to download and play and only asks for money through in-app purchases that will help progress your game faster. Seeing as the point of playing a game is for its inevitable progression, especially in Temple Run where you slowly start to gain more coins through unlock bonuses, this is an option only the truly impatient gamers should choose.

Temple Run reached the 40m download mark earlier this month just from being made available on the iOS platform. Now that it’s available on Android, I can see this number doubling easily within a month. When you consider how hungry Android gamers are for worthwhile games as well as factoring in Temple Run is a really good, addictive title, then you’ve got yourself the perfect storm for tons of downloads, my friend.

Temple Run (FREE)

  • Raymart LarCortez

     not compatible on my phone.,even i have 2.3.6 version
    pls fix it so that it will be possible to play on armv6 phones.,
    if there’s an update just beep me on my email: raymartlarcortez@gmail.com

  • M Camacho8

    i cant find temple run any where online for free! 😛



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