AT&T: Lumia 900 launch will be our biggest launch ever

The Nokia Lumia 900 is launching April 8 and AT&T is saying that this will be its largest launch ever. Yes, that even includes the iPhone.

“At all levels, this is a notch above anything we’ve ever done,” Jeff Bradley, AT&T’s device head, said in an interview with CNET.

It appears like the rumors of a $200 million marketing campaign for Nokia’s Windows Phones is going to turn out to be true, as Bradley says that consumers will know that the Lumia 900 is the carrier’s “hero phone.” With a super-affordable $99.99 entry price point and some high-quality specs, the Lumia 900 is definitely going to be a nice device but will it be enough to help Nokia and Windows Phone gain traction in the United States?

It’s too soon to tell but the large marketing push is an encouraging sign. Windows Phone still has less than 5 percent of the market but Microsoft is quick to point out that it routinely ranks high in customer satisfaction rankings. We like Windows Phone Mango and believe that it is a true alternative to Android and iOS.

As for Nokia, it’s all in with Windows Phone and the Lumia 900 should just be the first smartphone it brings to the United States. In our hands-on time with it below, you can see that it’s a nice, powerful device but I’ll be interested to see how the marketing really goes. It’s only a few weeks away from release and I haven’t seen any commercials or anything.

Do you think the Lumia 900 deserves a launch from AT&T that is larger than the iPhone?

[Via CNET]

  • Pete_dogg

    Yes. Amazing phone… switched from Android(personal phone) and from a Blackberry (my work phone), and have never gone back. Windows Phone OS is just beautiful and really easy to use. LOVE IT… Cannot wait to upgrade to this thing…

  • Definitely worth it the lumia 900 is an incredible phone and after being an avid iOSand android user am making the switch, no jailbreaking or rooting can simplify the os like Wphone is simple and easy,things get done with less steps and quicker times.more efficient for personaltime and work

  • Using WP7 is like having handcuffs on. I can understand why Android is such a success

    • Anonymous

      Copy and paste your comments again? Changing your username again?

  • Fox McCloud

    This phone should be a great success, especially with this massive marketing campaign.  Whether it’s a Windows Phone or not, the Lumia 900 will undoubtedly give other devices a run for their money.  With an 8mp camera with Karl-Zeiss optics, an AMOLED screen and a snappy processor for only a hundred bucks, Nokia should once again be a factor in the American mobile phone market.

  • borderlineryan

    I have a first gen Windows Phone (Samsung focus) and its still beautiful every minute sporting the AMOLED Screen, and the Metro UI. Im excited to see what Nokia has up their sleeves for America Campaign, since the London and Paris ones were epic, and amazing! 

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