Dell may end all smartphone sales in the US

A report from PC World suggests Dell may kill its smartphone line. According to PC World, Dell’slast remaining phones, the Windows Phone-powered Venue and the Venue Pro, will no longer be sold in the US. A few remaining models will continue to be sold in India, China, Japan and South Korea.

An unamed Dell spokesman said that it’s time for Dell to get out of the smartphone business.” Mobility products have shorter life cycles than laptops and desktops,” he said.

The spokesman also said Dell plans to introduce more mobile products later this year in the US, but wouldn’t confirm whether these devices will include smartphones. This report doesn’t come as a big surprise, Dell has been on the sidelines of the smartphone market for a long time.

[Via PC World]

  • Its no “Elephants on table” announcement from DELL. Well,  the smartphone world is flooded with numerous devices in the market and the choice is wide. All that the industry requires is innovation and not devices that do the same old tasks.

  • I think this is unusual step has been taken by Dell. I can’t really understand that what reason has affected behind it. But this report is revealed very crucial information.

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