Here’s why tablets are a retailer’s dream [Infographic]

Here\'s why tablets are a retailer\'s dream

Everyone and their mama are about tablets these days. Their owners use them to play games, get things done, browse the web and even shop online. The last mentioned type of activity is growing and retailers have started noticing, with some of them releasing special apps to make shopping easier.

In a new infographic prepared by Milo, we look at why tablet users today promise to be the most valuable retail consumers. For one thing, they do have a higher disposable income since tablet is not a necessity. Here’s how it all comes together. And if you need a bigger image, you can get it from here.

Here\'s why tablets are a retailer\'s dream

  • Very useful stats!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think it will slow eventually.  I think the tablet market may have grown faster than smartphones, but thats because of the lack of a data package.  It will hit saturation especially since even apple are producing incremental step ups from the previous years model.  No reason to upgrade every two to three years.

  • Did you use an infographic template or create this on your own?  Looking for an infographic to utilize for a school project.  Thanks in advance for any information. 

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