Zite personalized magazine now an Android thing, too

Zite personalized magazine now an Android thing, too

Zite, which is now owned by CNN, is bringing its personalized magazine to the Android community. Available as a free download, the application gets a head start against the market leader Flipboard, while still facing competition from Google Currents and some other, smaller players.

If you missed our previous posts on Zite, you should know it personalizes your content automatically by following your reading patterns and voting (thumbs up and down), getting better the more you use it. You can choose between a number of topics and connect your Twitter and Google Reader accounts to get all the news on one place – Zite on its end will mix the topics and sites you like with the news people from your social circle enjoy.

Unfortunately (or not depending on your point of view) Zite is made for phones only with the tablet version most likely being in development as we speak. As soon as it’s out – we’ll let you know.

Again, Zite is a free app and you can check it out from a link below.

Zite (FREE) [Google Play link]

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