Rumor: 10 million Samsung Galaxy S III units have already been preordered

Samsung’s Galaxy S III is, without a shadow of doubt, going to be the best Android smartphone to hit the market this year. Early reviews of HTC’s One X are starting to trickle in and they’re not exactly flattering. Some folks are saying that it’s simply not good enough. So why are we so bullish on Samsung’s flagship when we know absolutely nothing about it? Because the Galaxy S II rocked incredibly hard in 2011, because Samsung makes their own components and is likely going to put the best of what their factories can produce into their hero device, and because whatever Google plans on doing with Motorola isn’t going to have any impact this year. We’re also rocking back and forth in our seats because of this tweet from the Editor in Chief of Mobile-Review, Eldar Murtazin:

Let that sink in for a moment. 10 million units have already been preordered. It took Samsung about five months to push that many Galaxy S II units. Who exactly made these preorders? Operators, who will need to stock store shelves whenever the Galaxy S III hits the market. Right now the rumors say late April or early May. All we know is that Samsung is expected to hold an announcement close to when they actually intend on shipping the actual device, much the same way Apple holds off on announcing new hardware until they’re ready to sell it.

If you have patience, and not many people do, then we recommend you skip the Galaxy S III and just wait until the end of the year, when Google will announce the next Nexus device. There’s a strong chance it’ll be based on the Galaxy S III chassis, plus it’ll run stock Android and get updates faster than anything else on the market.

  • thanks was very informative

  • Sebastien

    Whilst we are all waiting for the SGS3 and see what goodness Samsung will pack in it, I can’t agree with your last statement regarding Nexus devices as updates release dates are mostly down to carriers, I am an owner of the Galaxy Nexus because I don’t like bloatware & manufacturers UIs not because of updates. The ICS updates are being pushed in the US on SGS2 right now, Nexus S owners are being left waiting with no dates looming. 

    • Anonymous

      It’s beyond easy to get rid of any and all bloatware on any current Samsung device. Go to xda and get any flavor of ROM you wish, including ICS with/without Samsung stuff.
      For example, I’ve been running 4.0.3 on my SGS2 for a while now, and a completely stock AOSP ICS before that. I actually like Samsung’s version better.

  • CelticBrewer

    As much as I’m waiting for this phone, a close 2nd would be the razr maxx or droid fighter. Point being, I don’t think Motorola is as far behind as you’re leading people to believe.  I’d have the Maxx now if it wasn’t so backordered- a blessing in disguise, I suppose. Looking forward to the SGS3 *if* the specs are as rumored.

    • As awesome as the RAZR Maxx is, it’s not coming to my part of the world, Finland. That being said, I’d love a smartphone with a 3,300 mAh battery!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve only had bad experiences with Moto devices. Low quality builds, locked bootloaders, etc. As for me, I’m not even looking at Moto devices until Google does some housecleaning there.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, and one more thing. Moto and HTC can NEVER beat Super AMOLED Plus screens. They are just unbeatable.

  • Anonymous

    Samsung’s foot dragging will certainly cost them market share. I currently own a SGSII and it’s the first phone I’m actually really happy with, however I would have upgraded to the HTC One if it weren’t that HTC shot themselves in the groin with me by including a weak non-removable battery in such a great phone. Also if Samsung doesn’t include a good enough battery I will be skipping the SGSIII

    • Anonymous

      Everything says it’ll be removable and significantly larger than SGSII. Remember, Samsung promised to focus on battery life this year, and rumors indicate a rather large battery, forgot exactly how many mAh.

  • bob

    Ummm reviews aren’t flattering of the One X? Did you even read the Verge review? They loved it but didn’t think the Sense update was that great. The author said ”
    Just give me a One X running something closer to stock Android 4.0, HTC, and I believe you’ve got the best smartphone ever made.”

    • Ahhh yes, the same review where the author said he was disappointed with the camera. Yea, I read that.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Do the research on the fit and finish ceramic issues and the battery issue that was caused by simply putting a file in the wrong place..

  • Anonymous

    In the beginning, the best mouse trap made the beaten path. 
    Then the beaten path was deemed to make the best mouse trap.  
    Soon, perceived goodness replaced actual goodness, and actual goodness itself no longer seems to matter. 
    So don’t bother us with the facts.  
    Can’t you see we are content already in our present fantasy. 

    • Anonymous

      That’s some good stuff you’re smoking, dude.

  • Anonymous

    Good article, but the end is weird.
    “If you have patience, and not many people do, then we recommend you skip the Galaxy S III and just wait until the end of the year..”
    At the end of the year, there will be rumors about Galaxy S IV, which will blow the socks out of Galaxy S III. Will you then tell your readers to hold off and get S IV instead?
    You know how technology works, you just gotta hold your breath and dive in at one point. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting indefinitely.

    P.S: Besides, pure Android devices are betatest-beds. Look at Galaxy Nexus and how many bugs they are experiencing.. It’s essentially, a test bed for newest releases. Not that I’m saying it’s bad, but that’s something to keep in mind as you buy it.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “when Google will announce the next Nexus device. ”

    yeah? and how has that worked out for the last one? Minimal to no updates, plagued with poor reception radio issues, old hardware like a pathetic 5mp camera, cheap finish of all plastic and no premium materials… oh, yeah, it had ICS out of the box. woopie. The GN is and was a junk phone and all the “Nexus” device hype has added up to nothing but issues and minimal to no updates for users – which was touted as one of the great reasons to buy into the Nexus BS hype. 

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