Rumor: Is this what the Samsung Galaxy S III will look like?

Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S III rumor. The image above is floating around the web right now, claiming to be an actual representation of what Samsung’s next flagship will look like, but is it really? We’ll find out in May, and if the picture is to believed then we’ll find out on May 22nd. There’s more though, as always. According to the Korean website Daum, the Galaxy S III will have a 4.8 inch 720p AMOLED display, quad core processor, and 4G LTE. That conflicts with a rumor we posted yesterday that said the Galaxy S III was going to feature a 4.65 inch display, just like the Galaxy Nexus, but without the PenTile subpixel configuration.

Back to the image though, isn’t it pretty? The screen appears to have no bezel. The sides look like they’re made out of metal. The front looks like it’s made out of glass. If any of this is true, it would be a huge departure from the Galaxy S II, which … let’s be frank, didn’t have the best build quality on the planet. There’s something to be said about a device with a little bit of heft to it, and the Galaxy S II was quite the opposite. It was light as a feather.

So now the important question: Should you wait to buy the Galaxy S III or should you just crack open your wallet right now and buy HTC’s One X? That’s an easy one to answer, just wait. We were put in the exact same situation last year when HTC announced the Sensation, which hit the market first, and then Samsung announced the Galaxy S II, which came out a bit later. Those who waited were treated to a better device, and we think the same is going to happen with the Galaxy S III.

That sucks to hear if you’re an HTC fan, but it’s true.

  • Snake Plissken

    That’s freaking gorgeous.

    • it is, but at the same time it could, and likely is, a fanboi’s photoshop creation.

      • Snake Plissken

        Indeed, unfortunately. I hope Samsung releases something like this and not something with a very similar design to the Galaxy S II just with more powerful hardware. Snake likes innovation.

  • Let me be the first to call bullshit.

  • totomech

    It is very clear that htc has the upper-hand here and samsung is hopelessly trying to get attention with a device no one knows anything about.



  • Very similar lines to the Nexus One but updates. I approve. I just wish they would announce it already and stop the rumors/fakes.

  • Austin Bair

    I am a current EVO 4G owner….My contract was up for upgrade on April 1st.  I would really like to give Sammy a chance.  I bought the Epic 4G Touch (Galaxy S) for my wife and brother-in-law, and they seem to really enjoy them.  Although I am not a fan of the “slider” and thicker profile.  The Epic 4G does offer what I feel to be a better camera than my original EVO, and longer battery life.  That being said, what would a third generation Galaxy phone offer?  With the price of the new EVO LTE only being $199.99 the price of my original EVO.  Samsung better hurry like hell to  at least give me the specs on the GSIII, or it will be too easy of a decision to go with the EVO line on May 7th!  Seeing how my birthday is a few days after the preorder date.  The new EVO would be the perfect birthday gift to myself! 

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