HTC profits take a large hit for Q1 2012 – Needs One line to lick its wounds

It looks like HTC’s strategic shift didn’t come soon enough, as the latest quarterly results from the Taiwanese company saw profits fall dramatically for Q1 of 2012. With the competition heating up this quarter, the upcoming One X, One S, and One V are on the front line to hold the likes of Samsung, Apple, and others back. Can it be done?

HTC’s revenues saw a 34.92% decrease year-over-year, while its profits before taxes saw a 70% decrease year-over-year. These slides in profit and revenue have come mainly from the usual suspects, Apple and Samsung. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, as the two companies basically own the entire market, making about 95% of all handset profits.

While this is definitely some sullen news for the company, the One family could be the silver lining that could bring HTC back. Both the One X and One S are fantastic phones that are sleek, sexy, and powerful. If  these One line can’t bring HTC back from the cliff it’s hanging onto, we’re not sure what could.

HTC was once the king of Android but Samsung has since seized the  iron throne title as far as favorite Android manufacturer is concerned. Couple this with the insane sales of the iPhone and HTC has itself a dilemma. There’s a lot of promise in the companies’ upcoming One line, so only time will tell how long it will take for HTC to recoup its losses.

It’s going to be quite the heated battle this year in the smartphone space. Of course, it always is, but HTC needs to retain its loyal following and get new customers as fast as it can to stay relevant in a market that’s dominated by two operating systems and two manufacturers.

Are you looking to grab a HTC handset sometime this year or are you holding off to see what the competition brings to the table?

[Via: FinancialTimes]


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