Rumor: Samsung to release 3 Windows Phones this year, 2 of them will run Apollo

Nokia may be getting all the attention (of what little there is) in the Windows Phone world, but let’s not forget that there are other players with their neck in the game. Samsung, who we’ve traditionally recognized as the leading manufacturer of Android devices, has released a few Windows Phone devices that haven’t really taken off, but rumor has it that they’re going to take another stab at Microsoft’s mobile operating system this year with three new models. One of them, codenmaed Mandel, is said to run Windows Phone Tango and come with 4G LTE. Seeing as how we’re not big fans of Tango, let’s skip straight to the good stuff: Apollo. We don’t know anything about these other two smartphones that Samsung have up their sleeve, except for the “fact” that they’re going to run Windows Phone 8. What’s going to make Windows Phone 8 special? We have a rough idea thanks to a leak from earlier this year, but we’re still waiting for more concrete details.

Knowing how Samsung works, expect to see them using one of their Android designs for the basis of a new Windows Phone. Take the Focus S for example. It’s a Galaxy S II running Windows Phone. We wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung announced a Windows Phone that looks exactly like the Galaxy S III. Speaking about the Galaxy S III, we don’t have any solid information about that flagship product, but we do know that it’s going to be one of the most lusted after handsets this year. Many people are putting off purchasing the HTC One X to see what Samsung will announce, so that’s got us thinking … Windows Phone 8 is going to come out in Q4, isn’t that the same quarter that Apple ships the iPhone? With the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5 on the market this holiday season, will people care about Windows Phone 8?

Time will tell.

  • Stefan, you have no business reporting on WindowsPhone if you can’t give it a fair shake. Never put down WP in your reports again. Do you here me??

    • If you’re going to shit on me, at least check your English. Can you *hear* me?

      • Anonymous

        ohhh BURN!…. Okay I think i’ll be coming back to this site a lot more.. .First time posting here….

  • Tamojit

    I think Microsoft needs to be careful while allowing more windows phone devices in market. Another flop show for Samsung will not hurt Samsung as much as it will hurt Microsoft and windows Phone. What WP needs now, is one device that is received well by the people and which can be looked upon as brand ambassador for the next line of WP devices. Too many WP devices will compete with each other and will not allow that one phone to emerge. 

    • Not necessarily.  A small group of great handsets that compete with one another will attract a lot of attention and show a lot of strength for the WP OS.  Critics will get more on-board with WP7/8 in the future if quality handsets are being steadily released.  The Lumia 900 is the big talk right now, but the Titan 2 is a great piece of hardware as well.  I’d like to see HTC, Samsung, and Nokia all pressing each other for the “best of WP” spot.  Competition breeds better productivity and transfers as better experiences for the end-user.

      Anyways, there isn’t enough drive to have dozens of phones available on the WP OS at any given time right now.  But having 3-4 quality handsets that can cater to both WP enthusiasts, brand enthusiasts, and the other consumers/critics that haven’t yet gotten on board would really be a benefit.  Not a flooded market of good phones, just a solid front of a few.  The Focus S is actually a solid handset and is a good option if you’re not a Nokia believer or a Titan fan. 

  • So how do I connect to my company VPN with a Windows Phone?
    Or can someone tell please tell me how to I delete mass emails, not one by one?

  • Do any buddy khow thus sumsung going to launch windows phone

  • Diego!

    I think Microsoft is putting Nokia Lumia 900 as a WP ambassador flagship, But as you mention in your article, they should improve their pace and release WP 8 aka APOLLLO as soon as they can! Samsung Galaxy S III will be THE Android device and iPhone 5 will get released afterwards. Hopefully MS pays attention to this and release WP8 sooner than expected 🙂

  • Why is Tango not liked?  It will bring a few minor, but necessary, tweaks to WP, including improved multitasking.  Apollo is obviously a bigger topic to touch on, but Tango will still be a nice FREE update to the WP OS and it’s coming pretty soon.

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