HTC One S ceramic coating starting to chip? (Updated)

The HTC One S is one of the most well-reviewed Android devices to date. IntoMobile gave it a 9/10 overall and a 9/10 for design. The latter score is notable because, well, that premium design HTC has been touting apparently doesn’t last too long. Reports are coming in that the coating on the top side of the smartphone is starting to chip off after minimal usage.

HTC describes the design of the HTC One series as follows:

This stunning phone comes in two exceptional finishes. The first goes through a special process that transforms the surface into a ceramic, super-dense finish that is five times more durable than stainless steel.

Not quite, apparently. Damn it, HTC. You’re supposed to be making a comeback here from those abysmal profits first quarter, remember? I’m all for trying new things — a ceramic design, in this case — but the credibility for innovating is lost if it doesn’t work well.

A lot of people are blaming that sharp ridge on the top of the device since, as you can see, that’s the only place where the chipping occurs. Edges are generally more susceptible to this kind of wear and tear. Maybe after a year of use this would be acceptable, but this is a brand new phone and one that touts the design as a main feature.

To be fair, HTC has never had any major problems with design in the past and actually has always been known for incredible build quality, so it’s allowed one flaw. Plus, while plenty of people do send in reports, they end up accumulating a very small percentage of owners.

Are there any HTC One S owners out there noticing chips in the ceramic design on their device? If so, tell your story in the comments below.

Update: HTC responded to The Verge and said it’s “aware of the reports” and is looking into the situation.

[via PhoneArena]

  • HTC is not known for their quality…..Nexus One had many flaws and so did HTC HD2

  • Anonymous

    Beg to differ on HTC quality as well.

    Had HTC Touch Pro 2 and the quality on that, bleurghh…

    Look, it’s still a fairly small and young company, with a fairly limited experience in HW testing and materials expertise.

    Perhaps after 10 years, when they have shipped a few hundred million smart phones with various different build & material choices, will they actually know their stuff.

    Till then, it’s more of a crapshoot, really.

  • Cps

    I have some chips on my One S 3 weeks old sent it back to HTC they say its been dropped and not covered by warranty they want £98 to fix £23 to return I emailed them my disgust I have had HTC phoes from the Orange SPV C500 which I still use but alas no more HTC for me

  • Brandon Jimenez

    I associate HTC with great quality. I had a Nexus One and it had very good build quality and I loved it. Surprisingly, it was 3rd party cases that hindered performance and caused usability issues and not the phone itself. (I used a case that made the GPS not work at all, blocked its signal, was glad to get rid of that case)

    I just got an HTC One S as I feel it is the true successor of the Nexus One and I am not a fan of Samsung whatsoever. Yes, the build quality of the One S was the biggest selling factor for me. I hope mine does not start chipping! 🙁

  • puk

    i am facing same prblm wid my phone

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