Motorola Mobility accidentally leaks the Droid RAZR HD, codename Vanquish

Motorola’s announcement the Droid RAZR in October 2011 was awkward at best. Less than 24 hours later, on a stage half way around the world, Samsung showed off the Galaxy Nexus. Not only did the Nexus have better hardware specifications, but it also ran the latest and greatest version of Android. Then, just a few months later, the RAZR Maxx was unveiled. It fixed one of the RAZR’s biggest problems, battery life. As much as we loved the 3,300 mAh battery inside the Maxx, the RAZR still had a huge problem, the display. In today’s world of 720p flagship devices, the quarter HD resolution of the RAZR is just … not enough. That and it’s PenTile too, so text appears fuzzy, colors are off, and it’s just not a pleasant experience overall. Thanks to a Motorola Mobility employee who loves to share his photos on the internet, we now know that another RAZR variant is due to be released, the Droid RAZR HD.

Is this the smartphone we’ve all been waiting for? Last month we posted an image and a spec sheet for a device known as the “Droid Fighter”. We described it as the Razr Maxx, but with a 4.6 inch 720p screen, and Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Is the RAZR HD the Droid Fighter? Probably. Do we know when exactly it’ll be announced or how much it’s going to cost? No, but we’d like to offer a guess.

Next month is CTIA, the American version of Mobile World Congress. Tons of devices will be announced at that show, and it wouldn’t surprise us to see the RAZR HD show up there. Think about it for a second. If AT&T and Sprint are going to be offering HTC’s One X, then the RAZR HD makes perfect sense. It has a large screen, runs ICS, and it’ll likely have 4G LTE too.

Watch this space.

  • Anonymous

    Too many variations of the Droid razr,seriously. If I were an original razr owner I’d be pissed . What’s the point in buying a smartphone if a month later the OEM releases the same exact phone , but with a bigger battery? Then two months later they release that same phone with the big battery again , only this time with a 720p screen. Its just ridiculous.

  • Carlos C

    Why none of these phones have international capabilities?  do Americans not travel outside their country?

    • Actually, Motorola does sell the RAZR internationally. The Razr Maxx is coming to Europe next month too!

  • Sonicrogue

    I would like to know why they are not global ready?

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