Rumor: Acer to release a dual core QWERTY Windows Phone 8 device in October

Windows Phone hasn’t exactly been a success, and it’s not very hard to see why. Despite Microsoft working their ass off for the past two years, their mobile OS just isn’t up to snuff compared to Android or iOS. We think this will change when Windows Phone 8, codename Apollo, comes out later this year. That’s going to make the next six months hard, but you know what they say: “Patience is a virtue.” We’ve already heard about three rumored Apollo devices (two from Samsung, one from Nokia), now it’s time to see what Acer has up their sleeves. According to Acer-Club Russia, Microsoft is going to announced Windows Phone 8 in the second half of October. Acer will have a device on sale the day of the announcement called the W11. It’ll have a dual core Qualcomm processor, side sliding QWERTY keyboard, and … that’s it, there’s no more information.

The bigger and more important question: What’s new in Windows Phone 8? All our leaked information comes from Pocketnow, who earlier this year managed to score a video that was never meant to leave Nokia’s intranet. Said video had Joe Belfiore, Vice President of Windows Phone, talking about things like support for NFC, high resolution screens, dual core processors, “app to app sharing”, a new version of Internet Explorer, advanced data encryption, and so on and so forth. Until we have an official press release from Microsoft, Pocketnow’s summary of that video is all we have.

But, and this is a big but, in the six months we’ll likely see the next version of Android, the next version of iOS, the Samsung Galaxy S III, and the iPhone 5. At some point you just have to bite the bullet and buy something, otherwise you’ll be waiting forever for the next best thing.

[Via: WPCentral]

  • Anonymous

    The first paragraph unveils that this article has been written by someone who has obviously never used a WP7-device. What is “just isn’t up to snuff compared to Android or iOS” supposed to mean?

    If you think it’s “not hard to see why” WP7 is not succesful (something we can all agree on), it should also be “not hard” to explain it better than “just isn’t up to snuff compared to Android or iOS”.

    A couple of journalists have done a better job on explaining why WP7 is not showing up in the charts, you might want to check up with that before making a fool of yourself.

    • Please link to one of those articles you’re referring to. I’d love to learn!

      • The ratings for Nokia’s Lumia 900 have been 90% very positve.  Of course Walt Mossberg (an elderly Apple fanboy) didn’t recommend it. I don’t have a particular link, but please just do a Google, Bing, or Duck Duck Go search for Nokia Lumia 900 reviews and you will see what I’m talking about.

        • If it’s so easy to do a Google search, then why didn’t you do it for me? I’ve read several reviews, and I know many technology journalists, and no one recommends it.

      • Anonymous

        I posted a link a couple of days ago, but apparently that didn’t make it passed the moderator?

  • I definately will wait until October for a Windows phone 8.  The current Win Phone 7.5 is great and Windows phone 8 will be awesome.

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