Cafe4tune’s Android app combines social networking with online dating

Cafe4tune's Android app combines social networking with online dating

The web-based service Cafe4tune is expanding to Android, allowing cyber-schmoozers not only to connect with other people, but also to find their next date, all while on the go.

Developed using the WebGL technology, while also supporting Flash, Cafe4tune detects the preferred rendering method for each user depending on browser and platform. However, the best part is when you browse the virtual world in 3D that creates the experience like you’re in the game (though you can switch to standard mode at any point).

In order to find your next date, you’ll first need to create your profile with your avatar and dating requirements. Cafe4tune will than rely on the cross-matching algorithms to bring you and a compatible person to a private chat table. Only if both of you are comfortable with exposing real profiles to each other will further development of your online relationship be allowed. The service allows for privacy with each individual relationship, and provides each user with the ability to categorize relationships into categories like relatives, classmates, friends, acquaintances, etc.

Cafe4tune (FREE) [Google Play link]

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