Microsoft shutting down its Windows Phone Marketplace for non-Mango devices

Microsoft has announced new restrictions for the Windows Phone Marketplace via its Windows Phone Blog. Starting today, Microsoft has removed access to the Windows Phone Marketplace from the Zune PC software. Until today, individuals who run the Zune PC software had access to both the Zune HD app store and the Windows Phone Marketplace, allowing users to view and purchase applications on both markets for their Zune and Windows Phone devices. Because most customers buy applications on their Windows Phone device or via the web-based Windows Phone Marketplace, Microsoft feels it’s not worth their efforts to continue to support three platforms.

The second restriction has a potentially bigger implication for Windows Phone users. There are several of you out there who haven’t yet upgraded your devices to Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. Sometime in the next few weeks, you will no longer be able to download applications unless you upgrade your device. To upgrade your device, simply plug it into your computer and follow the steps in Microsoft’s help article.

Microsoft asserts that the restrictions are geared towards forcing the performance and security enhancements they’ve built into the Marketplace for Windows 7.5 to all Windows Phone users, and sets the groundwork for some features they’re working on in future Windows Phone upgrades. Since all phones are eligible to receive the upgrade to Windows Phone 7.5, it shouldn’t really be a big deal for you Windows Phone owners.

[via Windows Phone Blog]

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  • Steve Shaw

    Interesting you would think given the poor performance issues with Zune they would do better to get this platform fixed as opposed to shutting something down that actually seems to work,,,,,,

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