Samsung SE-218BB external DVD writer can work with Android tablets!

Samsung SE-218BB external DVD writer can work with Android tablets!

If you’re like me, you pretty much never (and I repeat – never) use DVDs and CDs. Those relicts of the past are no longer needed with most of us having fast Internet connections that allow us to download just about anything within few minutes (or seconds). However, from time to time, you may need an external DVD drive to check out some movie or move files to your computer or tablet. The new super-thin Samsung SE-218BB can help and, check this out – it will work both with your PC and an Android tablet.

You’ll need a Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich device with a full USB port which is something most 10-inchers have these days. If that’s on place, you’re good to go. Simply connect the DVD writer and browse the files from your tablet like you’re on a full-blown computer.

Love the idea, though unfortunately we don’t know when the SE-218BB will be released. We’re hearing it will cost some $60 which is a fair price for a device you’ll be using once a month or even less frequently…

[Via: SammyHub]

  • thanks for sharing,I just want to buy an external dvd drive for my pc…this really help me a lot

  • hassan darwich

    dear dusan

    i have LG external dvd drive, is it possible to connect to android tablet pc ?

    any software or driver can connect my lg drive to the android ?

    thank you

    hassan datwich

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