LG Fantasy reviewed, despite the fact that it’s never going to be released

Earlier this week LG said that they don’t want to support team Windows Phone anymore. Who can blame them? The OS has little to no market share, Microsoft is prioritizing Nokia, and Android is showing no signs of slowing down. Before LG made the decision to stop supporting Microsoft’s mobile OS however, there was one device that we’ve been covering for at least half a year called the E740. Later we’d find out it was going to be called the Fantasy. On paper it’s your typical Windows Phone that you’ve seen from just about every other handset vendor. The same 1 GHz Qualcomm chip, some crappy 5 megapixel camera, blah, blah, blah, but what was going to set the Fantasy apart was that it would ship with NFC. Just like Windows Phone, NFC is a technology that no one is using right now. It’s a check box that gadget nerds like to tick when deciding what to spend their money on, but in the real world almost no one is actually tapping to pay for things or tapping their friend’s phone to share photos or videos.

Anyway, today’s story is brought to you by WPCentral, who somehow managed to score a prototype of the LG Fantasy. For some odd reason they decided to review it, despite the fact that it’ll never actually hit a store shelf. Here’s what they had to say:

“Though this E740 is “unfinished” we’re not to thrilled with what we’ve seen save for the NFC support. We could imagine various carriers seeing this as a low-cost solution then passing on it once they put it through testing (if it even got that far).

We don’t mean to kick LG while they’re down but if this was their Generation 1.5 device aka “Mango phone” it is a pretty big disappointment even if it is geared towards the low-end. Surely consumers would be much happier with the similar spec’d Lumia 710 or even 610 than this phone.”

Need we say more?

  • vxx

    What is NFC? Not to tell you how to write, but isn’t it standard journalistic practice to not assume your readers know everything and thus spell out what an acronym is before using the acronym exclusively?  

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