Verizon reps tout 4G Android phones over iPhone

If you walk into a Verizon Wireless store knowing you want a smartphone, but are unsure about which one to get, the likeliness that you’ll walk out of that store with a 4G Android phone is pretty high.

After numerous reports from ordinary consumers looking to buy a phone, Verizon pushed really hard to get them to buy an Android handset instead. David Goldman of CNN Money decided to find out for himself if this was true by conversing with ten different Verizon representatives. “Here’s what I found,” he said. “Next time you walk into a Verizon store looking to buy a smartphone, expect the hard sell on a 4G Android device.”

Goldman says he was constantly pointed in the direction of a Droid Razr Maxx or LG Lucid. When he inquired about whether these phones were superior to the iPhone, representatives told him the iPhone is outdated because it runs on Verizon’s slower 3G network. Then he tried a different approach and blatantly stated that he wanted an iPhone. None of the reps tried to talk him out of it, but they did insist that it was not the best phone they had to offer.

I had a similar experience when last year my uncle went into Verizon to buy an iPhone, his first smartphone. He called me from the Verizon store saying the employee almost convinced him to get a $300 4G Android device. It seems like Verizon will do just about anything to get you to use its 4G network.

This push may not be working though, as consumers seem content on making up their own mind. The iPhone accounted for more than half of its smartphone sales last quarter.

[via CNN Money]

  • Is this “Verizon” or the sales reps?  My cousin works for Verizon and hates the iPhone.  She has owned the iPhone 4s and several other android phones.  She hates the iPhone and loves android.  Because of this she doesn’t recommend the iPhone to anyone.  It is her personal bias, not anything Verizon has pushed her to do.  If you don’t like something you are not going to try too hard to sell it to someone.

    • The sales reps are pushing customers to buy Android phones.

      • Jim

        This is no different than at the AT&T stores.  Ask a sales rep at the AT&T store what phone they have in their own pocket.  None of them had an iPhone.  They all had the Skyrocket.  They basically said if you want a “smartphone” and want fast LTE data speeds then the iPhones is not the choice at least for now.

      • I agree that it is the sales reps but I think you missed my point.  I am disagreeing with one of your closing statements that said “VERIZON will do just about anything to get you to use its 4G network.”  I don’t think it is Verizon pushing people to buy Android and 4g phones.  It is the sales reps that don’t think the iPhone is the best phone out there. 

        Of course if the sales reps get better commissions on the 4g android phones it is just a matter of greed.

        • Click through to one of the two links in the statement you mentioned. Verizon is pretty eager, to say the least.

          • Abledoc

            Are you not trying hard to falsely claim that iPhone is superior to 4G Android while the latter is clearly superior and iPhone uses outdated technology and is fragile and over priced. 
            iPhone touts old LCD screens while AMOLED is better and energy efficient. 3G is older than 4G 
            iPhone breaks easily while my SGS2 has fallen 4 times and does not have a scratch

          • Jarrod

            if its so “energy efficient” why do android phones die left and right?

  • Guest

    Yeah, I’m not sure I understand the point of this story. You border on sounding like you’re somehow astounded that Verizon doesn’t think that the iPhone is the best thing since sliced bread. Could it be that – gasp! – the Android phone is actually BETTER?

    • I’m not sure how you are picking up that I’m “astounded” in any way. The point of the article is that Verizon reps are touting 4G Android phones over the iPhone, whether or not the Android phones are better. That can be (and always is) disputed.

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly what this article is about.

  • Guest2

    I agree Guest.  Retailers normally don’t care what phone you buy as long as it’s got a 2 year contract attached to it.  Do you think there is a conspiracy to sell Android phones?  Maybe they make more selling Android phones, and oh be the way, it is a business, so if I made more selling an Android, guess what I’d be pushing.  I heard Walmart lowered the price of the iPhone, maybe that will help.

    • Jarrod

      That was a flaw in their systems for the iPhone pricing. My theory is they want to push more android phone with LTE so they can clear some space for people on 3G because in many areas it simply can’t take more users also they may be thinking since android phones cost at most $50 less for the equivalent they will be making money there and also seeing as how people(myself included) get annoyed with outdated crap that just gets worse and worse they think people will upgrade into another sub par android phone.

  • Abledoc

    George Tinari is infatuated with iPhone and perhaps has not ever seen a decent Android Phone nor used one

  • Anonymous

    Iphone being outdated has existed for 2years now. Now Verizon pushing that crappy Droid Maxx they need to stop doing that. Both iphone and Maxx suck raw eggs and so does Verizon

    • Jarrod

      The design of the current iPhone has been around for almost two years. They have updated some of the internal components like the camera, cpu, cellular antenna, and other things. Its not that bad of a phone either, I’m using a second hand iPhone 3GS over a android phone that came out after two years later and still prefer the reliability and media experience.

    • Anonymous

      you’re a moron.

  • Jarrod

    Verizon wants people off their ancient 3G network because its slow and doesn’t have the capacity for more users. So instead of improving their network they want to put people with android phones that go dead in 3-5hours that are always dropping back to 3G because their 4G network has been deployed way to fast for them to even get the slightest handle on. I would know my brother has the bionic and is always on 3G even though we live in a strong 4G area in Houston.

  • Nurlip

    i had this experience when helping my mom shop for a new phone at Verizon.  She didn’t know what she wanted (had an ancient flip phone previously), i had just switched from my OG Droid to iPhone 4S and we both wanted to hear what they recommended.  They actually never mentioned the iPhone (any model) until i asked despite the fact that it was the week after the 4S came out. I have to say that their tiered pricing plans really screw ‘new’ customers though.  At the time, they had the ‘double you data’ promo going on, so the 2gb tier was actually 4gb for the same price (all tiers had this deal as well) but it was only if you purchased a 4g phone.  this basically ruled out the iPhone since there is no way 2gb/month is enough for any smartphone user (who actually uses their phone for anything more than email/texting/calls, i don’t care what statistics say).  i have the 4S on verizon only b/c i was grandfathered in (thankfully not grandmothered in, phew) on unlimited data.  As i told the rep, tiered pricing is a complete scam and i will never subscribe to a carrier that has tiers.  I’ll be switching to Sprint in November when my contract is up and  the iPhone 5 comes out. i digress though.  

    The main thing that bothered me about the push for Android devices is that they are harder to use than the iPhone for ‘average user’ like my mom.  I asked the rep if he thought the iPhone was easier to use than Android and if that was a reason to consider buying it over the 4g phones. He said iOS is definitely easier to use but he still recommend Android hands down.  When i asked him why, he said “its just better” and had no real substance to his response.  I actually agree that Android is better in terms of ‘potential uses’ but the Android phone market is very dysfunctional and i will stick with iOS until it stabilizes.  My iPhone 4S still has some of the best hardware on the market whereas Android devices go out of date within a few months.  On top of that, the responsibility of the carriers to decided when to push new software updates was infuriatingly slow and i had to go over to dark (& shiny) side that is Apple.  I heartily disagree with planned obsolescence but considering that my Android was completely obsolete (unplanned) about a year after i got it, that is about a third of the planned lifespan for iOS devices.  

    • VZWemployee703

      I don’t see how it’s the reps or Verizon’s issue that you don’t know what you wanted when you came in the store. You said you asked the rep which OS was easier to use…. Well that is a subjective question, that’s gonna get a subjective answer. You even said he answered that he felt IOS was easier to use. If you were to ask about update cycles I’m sure the rep would have pointed you to IOS or the Galaxy Nexus. The key is not to ask subjective questions. Plus, you always have 14 days to use and return or exchange the device if you don’t like it.

  • When I worked at Best Buy Mobile the store made $0 on iPhone contracts, but $100+ on all other phone contracts.  It’s hard not to push other phones over the iPhone, but the iPhone still brings in data plans, protection plans, accessories, and family members who want other phones.

  • So the employees tell the truth and this is news?

  • I still think these companies all suck because they pressure the Phone Manufacturers to “Brand” the phones that get released on their networks.  That in turn, makes the phones we use have to try & accommodate each carrier’s wishes.  They need to simplify & stop trying to be every thing to everyone.

  • Anonymous

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  • VZWemployee703

    I work as a sales rep for Verizon Wireless, and I can swear to you that we have never been pressured or told to push one phone over the other. When people ask our advice, we are free to give whatever advice we feel as long as it’s accurate. If a customer asks our preference we are allowed to give our preference freely. You have to remember that as a sales associate we have 8 hours a day to play and go through these phones, not including our off time and our personal phones. Contrary to popular belief, there are people who prefer Android (or certain Android phones) over the iPhone. Two to three years ago, the iPhone was untouchable. Now in current time, truth is, there are better phones with better features out there. If you WANT an iphone, tell the Rep you want one and they’ll ring you up. But if you ask for advice or a suggestion, don’t get mad if they don’t tell you something you came in not wanting to hear. If you want to hear only about the iPhone or you want a rep to put an iPhone bias on your purchase, you should of went to an Apple Retail store. 

  • Anonymous

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  • But i think most of the customers use Andriod only as there is not much differences between mobile and andriod.

  • I find it disturbing that they are so biased in selling smartphones

  • Posa39

    Verizon sucks. Its all marketing. “it has more RAM so its a faster processor” And we know wrong you truly are. Galaxy S II (and now GS III) Snapdragon Vs. Exynos – classic argument. 

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