HTC: Sense is better than stock Android

HTC One X review

Recently, Laptop Magazine sat down with Drew Bamford, HTC’s AVP of user experience, and the HTC exec had some interesting things to say about Sense stacked up against stock Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The latest version of Sense 4.0, HTC’s software for ICS phones, added many improvements that made the custom skin unobtrusive. The Taiwanese phone maker toned down the glossy graphics in favor of ICS’s matte visuals.

In the interview, Bamford was asked a group of questions about the HTC Sense 4.0 experience compared to that of Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). One thing the HTC executive said that was interesting was how he believed that Sense 4.0 wasn’t an objection to using stock ICS. “It’s not an intentional rebuttal of the Ice Cream Sandwich design. It’s just a different approach that we eventually came up with.”

When Bamford was asked about features Sense 4.0 brought to the table that regular Android 4.0 didn’t, he began to tout HTC’s personalization and camera.

“I think between our widget sets, our customizable lock screen and our skins, we offer a much more personal experience overall. A couple that you’ve probably heard a lot about because they’re our kind of key feature on the HTC One are the camera and authentic sound,” he told Laptop Magazine.

When it comes to personalization, his view point is highly subjective, but when it comes to the camera Bamford may have a point. When we reviewed the HTC One X, we gave high praise to the camera on phone. Our very own Marin Perez called it, “Incredible,” and he went further adding, “the One X has one of the best cameras I’ve ever seen on a phone, can truly replace a digital camera and it has a very pleasant UI.”

To read more of Drew Bamford’s interview, head over to Laptop Mag


  • Anonymous

    Honestly i can’t help but laugh this is not 2009. Htc has brought great things to android i confess that. If your new to android and looking for your first smartphone Htc makes things easier to learn and customize your device. Htc Sense 4 being better than Stock android ice cream sandwich NEVER THAT. When you become an veteran of android you learn and rralize that all thosr animations and customizations come at a heavy

    • Eric To

      Well, at least it’s not touchwiz…

  • touni

    It totally is better, wouldn’t change away from that.
    Have used android since htc hero and HD2 androids and still I prefer sense over vanilla ICS.
    If you dont have sense you anyway download all the same widgets done by amateur developers which use even more battery. Most people ive seen with samsung etc have installed sense-like clocks and stream widgets, which will use more cpu cycles and battery, also they dont work as good.

  • nerdlust

    Sense on htc sensation is great it brings a lot of great features done correctly.

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