Asia leads the way as mobile web traffic explodes

Android users like apps more than mobile web

Mobile web traffic is skyrocketing and Asia is leading the way with its world-leading number of mobile phones. According to a report in Pingdom, the share of mobile web traffic in Asia has jumped 192.5 percent since 2010 and now accounts for 17.84 percent of total web traffic in the region. Mobile web is also booming in Africa where Zimbabwe and Nigeria lead the world with 58.06 percent and 57.89 percent of total web traffic coming from mobile devices.

Worldwide, mobile web traffic has jumped 162.73 percent and now accounts for 10.01 percent of total web traffic. These stats are impressive, but this is only the beginning of the smartphone explosion. Smartphones are gaining in popularity, and, as a result, mobile web traffic is expected to jump tremendously in the next few years.

[Via Royal Pingdom and BGR]

  • Smartphones have become a technological fad in Asia although iPhones which dominates the markets of developed countries like US and Canada are less in numbers due to the fact that many users are using Android phones because it is cheaper.

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