DirectFix exposes the internal layout of the HTC One S

I’m a big fan of hardware teardowns and enjoy looking inside a device. The best part is getting to see how each manufacturer uses a different design, yet still manages to squeeze similar components into such a tiny space. One of the latest teardowns to hit the Internet is from DirectFix, which takes apart an HTC One S. The repair company takes the device down to its screws and rails, while showing you how to replace the screen. It’s a visual journey that’s enjoyable to hardware fans, but a daunting task for someone who’s watching the clip and hoping to follow the instructions. There are several places where things could go horribly wrong if you pull too quickly or pry too hard. You can check out the DirectFix video below.

[Via DirectFix and Engadget]

  • The instruction looks pretty easy but I don’t think I can do that.. Anyway, I don’t even own a HTC One S so I shouldn’t worry about it.

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