Thinking about getting the Nokia Lumia 900? Watch this video first!

People give me a lot of shit for saying that Windows Phone, in its current incarnation, is not a smartphone platform I’d recommend to others. In fact, every time I write about a Nokia Lumia device I get pelted with comments from mentally ill fanbois who say things like “you should never write about phones again” or “you’re saying all these bad things because you want Nokia to fail”. So with that in mind, let me present you with a video review of the Lumia 900 done by Steve Litchfield, who writes for All About Symbian, All About Windows Phone, has a weekly video podcast called “The Phones Show“, and a weekly audio podcast called “The Phones Show Chat“. I’m a big fan of Steve’s work, and though sometimes I don’t agree with his opinions, I consume nearly every bit of content he produces because he’s what I would consider a genuine expert when it comes to the mobile industry.

Now the Nokia N9 was a beautiful device that ran an amazing operating system that got prematurely executed. The Lumia 800, which was based on the N9, was just a tad bit uglier since it shipped with a smaller screen and those three hideous capacitive buttons on the bottom of the device. And finally the Lumia 900, the most bastardized version of the N9, it’s … yea, just watch the video above.

Let me set the record straight, I love good ideas and I love seeing companies compete. When Windows Phone 8 comes out in five months time, I can’t wait to see how it stacks up to iOS 6 and whatever the hell Google calls their next version of Android. If Microsoft can impress the world enough to drive up their market share, then great, if they can’t, well, don’t blame me for telling people to buy something like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus or an Apple iPhone.

  • +1 for Steve’s content and perspective.

    • Baseballbert

       -1 on Steve’s comments. I went from an iPhone 4S to the Lumia 900 and have not looked back. Awesome OS, and people are constantly asking me to show them the phone when  I take it out in public.

      • I rest my case. The Phone sells itself. People that are not “tech-blurred” see it right.

      • DaveM

        Same as Baseballbert. Gave up my iPhone 4 (which was starting to crawl along due to the latest iPhone update) for a Lumia 900. Granted, Windows Phone OS does have some maturing to do, but the Lumia is great as a phone.

  • Imsuchatit

    As usual stefan puts a negative side on nokia somehow.and he has the neck to ask to got to nokia world you fucking idiot

  • Anonymous

    Wonder what happened to Stefan at Nokia that made him hate the company so badly?

    • Imsuchatit

      he sold ideas

      • Anonymous


  • Shelley

    Hmm. As with most of the negative reviews I’ve read, it’s difficult for me to suss out what really are the problems for an ordinary non-techie user like me, and indeed this guy says at the end something like that. I have no axe to grind — just looking for the best smartphone — and this one keeps coming up as it. It appears to me to be cheap, comfortable, attractive, easy to use, and I really really prefer those big bright tiles to the zillions of tiny icons on Android and i phones. So: if I don’t care about being able to add memory or that kind of thing, and if eighty thousand as opposed to nine hundred thousand apps does not strike me as a horrid crime against humanity, and if I don’t need to have a bunch of apps open at once, why again is this not a good option? The one thing that gives me pause is that it doesn’t support flash–does this mean you cannot at all ever look at YouTube videos?

    I believe you when you say you too have no axe to grind so I’m interested in your further comments. Thank you.

    • You can watch YouTube videos on just about any smartphone these days. You don’t need Adobe Flash to do that. There’s only one platform that runs Flash fluidly, and that’s Android, but there’s nothing really out on the mobile internet that needs it to be perfectly frank.

      What exactly do you want to do with a smartphone? Each platform has their respective strengths and weaknesses. Do you even want a smartphone? Why not get a tablet instead?

      Like I said, I don’t know anything about you, your needs, and your budget, so it’s hard for me to tell you to buy X, Y, or Z.

      • Shelley

         Thanks for your reply. Yes, tablet or smartphone is what I’m trying to decide. I’d been leaning toward getting a tablet but since I cannot afford a carrying plan for a tablet and thus could only use it where WiFi is available I’ve begun leaning back toward a smartphone mostly because I’d be able to access its various functions anywhere any time, and this is the first smartphone, iPhone included, that has appealed to me. I use a phone’s talking minutes hardly at all. Text a fair amount. I quit Facebook and have no interest in Twitter. I do want to be able to use email, go online to read some newspapers and magazines and have general access to online sites, send and receive photos and videos, that sort of thing. Maybe I’ll get sucked into a game or two but not much. I use Windows software on my laptop so I like the idea of the connectivity via the cloud for accessing my documents, calendar, etc. In sum, I don’t have very sophisticated needs (sim card? I don’t even know what that is) but needs I do have and this one seems to meet them. Am I way off?

        • If you want a cheaper monthly bill, then it’s best to go with a prepaid operator like Straight Talk. You can buy one of their phones, like the new Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, or get your own GSM device (one that uses a SIM card). If that’s the case, then a used iPhone might me your best bet. It depends on where you live to, who gives you the best coverage? What do your friends use? And so on and so forth.

      • Shelley

         Oh, and budget — that’s the big problem. I can’t afford very much at all, in terms of the phone’s cost or, more important, the monthly charges.

  • Guest 900

    So after watching that video, I still love my Lumia 900.

  • Ok I dont blame you. You are I think a tech-nerd. So for you any Android will do. If you could but I think you cant focus on functionality you would see it different, like many Lumia users. It must be a Lady (on phonedog) who has it right, yes she focussed on functionality. But techie glasses blur like being in love you are not able to think anymore.

  • Ikkar12

    I bet the guy in the video is Stefan ^^

  • Salutare hombre! Tot ce zice omul ala e perfect adevarat. Nu urasc WP7 per se, desi mi-am cam luat-o cand, mare fan WinMo fiind si mandru posesor de Touch HD, mi-a tras-o MS ca nu vor face upgrade la WP7…Daca trec peste frustrarea de-atunci, din WP7.5 nu ramane mare lucru: multi-tasking introdus abia in august 2011 (si cu limitarile pe care Steve le-a mentionat), mania microsoaftei sa tina sub control specificatiile HW care ar fi fost bune prin 2009 la inceput, mult-laudata integrare cu Twitter/Facebook care de fapt te obliga sa instalezi ca pe orice alt OS aplicatiile respective (bravo lui Steve ca a observat *inca* o limitare putin scoasa in evidenta!), aplicatii reduse ca numar si calitate care nu sunt in marea lor majoritate disponibile in afara SUA, etc. De cand mi-am luat Galaxy S2 am devenit fan devotat al Androidului, pt ca am aplicatie nativa de YouTube (WP 7.5 n-are…), am ecrane de marimi si densitati care ar fi fost de neinchipuit acum 2-3 ani, am atatea aplicatii (inclusiv in romana) pe car ele pot instala, etc etc.

    Am spus-o inca de la lansare: WP7 n-are decat o interfata si-atat, exact meteahna care a facut din Vista un cacat pe care insusi Ballmer l-a recunoscut. Lumea crede ca platforma asta e noua, cand de fapt e plina de cod de la Windows Mobile si asta face Metro si mai putin placuta. Pacat de HW-ul la care se vede ca Nokia  a lucrat, pacat ca respectiva camera video suporta doar 720p si face poze mediocre, pacat ca n-avem un ecran cu rezolutie mai mare, pacat, pacat, pacat…

  • Guaromekano

    I’m agree, the screen in Lumia 900 is a strange mistake, it should to be curve. But I’d buy a Lumia instead a Galaxy Nexus cause the first looks better (o sexier:P) I see the galaxy nexus and I don’t feel nothing.
    I’m not against android, I still use my old Android 2.2 and I prefer it, it’s cleaner than ICS about appearance (the main screen i refer, i custom without launcher with the cowon widget clock and a little apps looks the same way) I’m sure that ICS works much better but I don’t like it so much.
    I work more with my laptop, so in this scale I just use the phone to read books, listening to music and as a phone of course; so i’m not into the war apps or the internet velocity. In this moment only the SH-06d Nerv, with 3D screen, and skinned with an interesting evangelion theme is the one Android cellphone I’d love to have. This use android 2.3 by the way, but the skin is another world.

  • Anonymous

    People love their Lumia 900. Lumia 900 won the best smartphone in Best of CES 2012 and top #1 rated phone on Amazon with 500+ customer reviews.

    • The Palm Pre won best at CES when it was announced, what’s your point? People liking something doesn’t translate into sales, sadly. As I’ve said numerous times in the past, we’ll find out how well sales of the Lumia 900 have done once Nokia announces their Q2 2012 financial results in July.

      • Anonymous

        People liking it means that it’s a good phone. Sales don’t always equal to a good phone.

        • Companies can’t sustain themselves with just love and happiness, they need dollars and cents too.

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