Apps I’m digging lately

Every time I do these lists, you can tell what’s going on in my life. Sometimes, I’m very focused on fun games or things that help me cook but this time, I’m all business.

So, let’s take a look at some of the productivity apps I’m digging lately.


Evernote is one of those “no-duh” productivity apps that I never really gave a chance. Everyone I know who uses it raves but I never felt like it was me. After seeing what Dusan is able to do with the pro account, I decided to dive in and now I’m hooked.

You must know that there’s a bit of a learning curve with Evernote, as you have to change your routine. I take notes all the time when I’m interviewing people and I’ll usually keep those in a Google Doc or in a text file. I’m also a big bookmarker when I’m surfing the web. Both of those go to Evernote now and it’s so much better having one place for all of these.

I’m still a newbie on the beauty of Evernote but I’m encouraged to see it continually improve its apps with photo-recognition capabilities, audio-recording and offline access for premium accounts. I’m still waiting for Evernote to just launch its own calendar too.

Still, I’m convinced that Evernote will be an important part of my computing life from this point on and I will gladly pay for a premium account every year.

Download Evernote for iOS here or for Android here.


One of the coolest things about my job is being able to travel to awesome places like New Orleans for conferences but keeping track of business expenses is a pain in the butt – especially after a few too many hurricanes. Luckily, the app space has my back and Expensify has become my must-have app on any business trip.

Expensify makes it super simple to snap some pictures of your receipts, file them and then e-mail them off to the appropriate parties. If you’re using the free account, you still have to manually input the amounts (easy to do, btw) but the paid account will use optical character recognition to fill in that information for you. Paid accounts also give you excellent reports and data.

Expensify solves a real problem for me and makes my life easier. I dig it.

Download Expensify for iOS here and for Android here.


The most boring of the boring is putting together PowerPoint presentations and I’m lucky enough to not have to do that very often. Every once in a blue moon I do have to bust out a presentation and Prezi and its iPad app are my favorite ways to do this.

Using Prezi to make a presentation is drop-dead simple and it looks amazing. Seriously, if you want to look like a badass, use the iPad app to show off your presentation and you’ll be able to sell ice to Eskimos. Ok, you’re still going to need some quality content if you’re working with a smart audience but I’m impressed with Prezi.

The iPad app isn’t perfect in terms of editing and some of you may still prefer Keynote but my next presentation will be on an iPad using Prezi.

Download the Prezi iPad app here.

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