Cricket to start selling the iPhone on June 22

The iPhone is going prepaid.

Leap Wireless announced that it’s wholly owned subsidiary Cricket Wireless will begin offering the iPhone sans-contract on June 22nd. As you are undoubtedly well aware, going the pre-paid route will require you to purchase the device at full retail price, though Cricket is offering a slight discount over what you’d pay at the Apple store. Customers looking for the 16GB iPhone 4S will expect to shell out $499.99 for the device. The 8GB iPhone 4 will retail for $399.99.

Each iPhone is paired with Cricket’s $55 per month unlimited talk, text, and web plan. Of course, you’ll be limited to 3G CDMA speeds from the Sprint network, which has recently tested as the slowest network of the major 4 carriers. Still, at $55 per month and no-contract, the Cricket Wireless iPhone 4S may be a deal for those looking for a phone to hold them over for a few months until the next iPhone makes its expected debut.

[via Leap Wireless]

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