NTT Docomo, Fujitsu showcase two-side transparent OLED touchscreen

NTT Docomo, Fujitsu showcase two-side transparent OLED touchscreen

If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to touchscreens, think again. Japanese NTT Docomo and Fujitsu demoed the technology that could potentially change everything. Their two-side OLED screen prototype is not only transparent but can accept your touch inputs from both sides. For instance, one side could be used for dealing with notifications, whereas the other one is for interacting with apps. This has a potential to bring the multi-touch concept to a whole new level.

Pretty amazing when you think about it, though unfortunately it’s still in the prototype phase and we’ve no idea when first devices rocking this sort of tech will be released for the general public. Moreover, the demo unit rocks quite small 2.4-inch screen with QVGA (320×240) resolution, which is everything but acceptable by today’s standards. Then again, if Docomo, Fujitsu and perhaps some other display experts like LG and Samsung build on top of this, we may get something incredible at the end.

Check out the first two-side transparent OLED touchscreen from a short video below. We love it, what do you say?

[Via: Unwired View]

  • this is just plain silly

  • Ajaibgill

    Yeah you say it’s silly, until Apple comes out with something similar.  Then you will call it great.  😛

    • MagicInsang

       fuckoff loser.

      • Mail

        Shut up dickhead

    • zyz

      Truth ^^

  • Joe

    Cute. But WTF would I use it for? How would it make life easier for me?
    Seems to me this is one invention looking for an application.

    • I can give you one example in a second. Have you ever tired to place too many short cut on you desktop? I own a tablet PC (HP Slate 500). If the touch works on both sides, I can configure at least 4 shortcut which maps to the 4 fingers on the back side when Im holding it. Assuem Im holding the tablet by either one of two hands. I can easily access the shortcut when my thumb tab on a position where one of the 4 fingers below. (simply means when the thumb overlap with one of the 4 fingers.) The code should also be easy to write since x1,y1 = x2,y2, program does something.

      • Ritch

        But seeing through it means your fingers make it difficult to see anything properly unless you hold it in front of a plain background and have transparent fingers.
        I just can’t see this being that useful in practise.

    • Agree. It seems that all those “inventions” are made by dumb people… For dumb people. That is where the money is. So flooding people with silly gizmo is definitely the new way to make it harder and dumber for everyone.

  • Guest

     it just needs improvements and it will make more sense than Samsung’s “YOUM” 

  • guest

    Can I see more of that cute guy holding the phone in the picture? 🙂

  • Sankhasuvro

    First step for future computers… which shown in Hollywood movies….transparent screen computers….. 

  • Big_air90

    It looks way too awkward to use lol great idea but make it more functional

  • rAm

    It’s just a prototype for crying out loud. It looks amazing and has a great potential.

  • Thanks for giving this wonderful latest Technology Touch Mobile,Well Now a days all peoples like to use this type of mobiles only.

  • Yaanlee96

    might come in handy if the entire phone is solely composed of one large screen, so that we can use our all 8 fingers and 2 thumbs to fiddle on it.. but if it maintains that shape shown in the prototype, I don’t see how it can be so useful, and trying to use both back and front side can be a little awkward and inconvenient
    it has a huge potential though. i’m excited to see a more developed model!

  • J C

    very trick phone:)just bigger plz

  • arabsrulechina

    Been there, done that. Nothing but a gimmick

  • Allenderico

    Just more technology we don’t need!

  • Allenderico

    Just more technology we don’t need!

  • Many thanks presenting this latest Technology Effect Cell phone, Very well
    Todaythese days all of ancestors choose to take advantage of this style of
    smartphones solely.

  • Don’t like it. Transparent screens are crud, just as bad as reflective screens.

  • Don’t like it. Transparent screens are crud, just as bad as reflective screens.

  • Leroy Ervin



    Psvita tech…

  • Esiri

    I hope apple does’nt see this, If not get ready for the new Iphone 6s

  • with tht screen not only u but also ppl around u would be able to see wut’s on ur screen…but as a whole it’s cool

  • Niels

    This would potentially do good with Google Glass.

  • ted

    personally, i think the dual sided touch screen has a lot of potential… not necessarily for phones. I see this as a step towards something else…

  • Darren Persad

    Sony had this technology years ago with their Sony Xperia Pureness. And I understand that the Sony version didn’t have touch-screen technology, but that would be easily implemented into the device with the use of infrared sensors or heat/pressure sensitive sensors.

  • thats qool…do they sell prototypes???lol!! ajaibgill u rght i think apple is overrated

  • Parker

    The problem with phones like this is privacy. What’s stopping others seeing what’s on your screen?

    • Aaron

      What is really stopping others from seeing what is on your screen now?

      • Its not for those concerned about praying eyes. Its a tool to give more usability given that touch screens will die as wearable technology is going to dominate the industry within the next 4 years.

  • taylorluke

    Don’t see the attraction at all really and just think that its a gimmick.

  • This is super amazing

  • Yin-Yin Chua

    I have a PSVITA from SONY, it already has front and back touch screen! Plus wonderful games! haha. This isn’t the future, it is already in the present. haha! Wake up people. ^_^

    • goll

      The back is basically a touch pad, not a screen.

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