Nokia rolls out update for Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900 getting its Batman limited edition, too

Nokia has announced an update that they’ve made available for AT&T Lumia 900 devices. The update contains a host of bugfixes that Nokia has identified by way of user feedback from the popular Windows Phone device, and the update should squash most, if not all, of those pesky bugs on the device. The update is immediately available to all Lumia 900 owners, though you’ll need to use either the Zune PC Software (Windows) or Windows Phone 7 Connector (Mac) program in order to apply the update.

Today’s update effectively kills the purple hue issue that has been plaguing some Lumia 900 devices, improves the sensitivity on the proximity sensor, and some fixes some other not-worth-mentioning issues some users were having with their devices. Additionally, Nokia promises that it will roll out new updates and surprises in the very near future for the Lumia 900. We’ll keep our eyes on the Nokia blog for more details as to what these secret surprises may be, though we don’t expect them to surprise us with Windows Phone 8. For now, be sure to update your Lumia 900 via the aforementioned methodologies to ensure the optimal performance of your device.

[via Nokia]

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