Reeder for iPhone updated with new gestures, redesigned UI

What many consider the best app for reading through RSS feeds just got better. Silvio Rizzi released Reeder 3.0, an update to the famous Reeder app for iPhone that brings with it new features, a revamped user interface and new gestures.

Reeder has never had a problem in the design field and version 3.0 of the app is no slacker either. The user interface and colors used give off that feeling of sitting on a cozy couch reading a story. The new gestures tremendously help with navigating through the different feeds and stories, too. In the article list view, you can swipe right or left to toggle between unread and starred posts or two-finger swipe up or down to mark a story above or below as read. While viewing an article, swiping right goes back to the article list view, swiping left opens an in-app browser, pinching in toggles Readability mode and pinching out zooms in on images.

As far as the new features go, Reeder 3.0 adds Fever syncing — which is somewhat of an RSS reader itself, improved Readability syncing, multiple account support for either Google Reader or Fever, a settings panel within the app, buttons to subscribe or unsubscribe from feeds in your Google Reader account and text size and line height options to tweak the article view to your liking. The app also adds support for two more sharing services: and Buffer.

Reeder 3.0 is available in the App Store now for iPhone and iPod touch and courageously requires at least iOS 5.1 to download. No word from Rizzi on when the iPad or Mac apps will be updated.

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