Samsung’s new CEO talks about develping its own mobile software

A week ago Samsung changed CEOs, replacing the mobile-oriented Choi Gee Sung with the display and chipset chief Kwon Oh Hyun. The new boss is already planning to shake things up, calling for the company to redouble its focus on software, which could mean the company is preparing to distance itself away from Android in the near future.

It’s no secret that Samsung has always wanted to offer its own all-in-one experience of hardware and software. The Korean based company has long been rumored to purchasing struggling operating systems. Almost a year ago, Sammy was rumored to buying Palm (aka webOS) away from HP, but Samsung would always shoot down the rumors by denying such thing.

Now that Samsung is a powerhouse, it might be in its best interest to separate themselves from Google’s mobile operating system, Android. I don’t care what Google says, my gut tells me that the search giant has some big plans for Motorola — those plans consist of offering an awesome hardware and software experience built under one house (of course, this could be for just Nexus devices).

Honestly, I think it would cool if Samsung stepped away from Android. Remember when Samsung hired Android ROM maker and founder of CyanogenMod, Steve Kondik? Hmm… Maybe he’s working quietly with in-house developers on an OS from the ground up. In the end, Sammy is the only manufacturer that can legitimately challenge Apple when it comes to mobile, and believe me, Apple knows this as well.

[via WSJ]

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