New Foap app pays iPhone users for their photos

One thing that has become synonymous with the iPhone is the fact that everyone who owns the handset thinks they’re a photographer. In a gutsy move, a Swedish startup hopes to capitalize on this new wave of mobile phone camera shooters. The company today released an iPhone app called Foap for both the U.S. and U.K.

Foap is an innovative app that allows users to upload their photos to the company’s marketplace where they can be purchased for $10. The profit will then be split 50/50 between the photographer and Foap. That’s a heavy revenue deduction, but when you consider the fact that you’ll make five bucks off a picture that would’ve been posted to Instagram or Facebook for free — isn’t bad.

But wait, before you get ready to jam Foap’s servers with random photos, you must know that all pics uploaded are manually approved by the company’s staff. So in order to have your pictures published, there’s a review process first. I’ve been testing the app so far, and I uploaded some photos, my oldest pic is going on an hour long wait — so I’m not sure how long the review process is.

Overall, I think the concept of this mobile application is creative, and anytime there’s a way for the average consumer to score some extra dough is always good. Foap’s idea is to separate itself from the rest of the pack of marketers, by targeting companies that need to find natural looking photos with a “local feeling” for commercial or editorial purposes. Centering its marketing strategy around smartphone pictures is unique, but it remains to be seen whether this app is successful or not.

[via TechCrunch]

  • I installed Foap today and was interested to try it out. My photos are still waiting for review after a little more than an hour. The app also crashed several times, and it took about 6 times before it successfully saved my profile photo. Hm…

    I am skeptical. It seems cool to make money on your photos, but are many people going to pay $10 for an iPhone photo? We shall see.

  • Kittyinasock

    I’ve been using Foap for about a week. I’ve waited as long as two days for images to be reviewed. They’ve accepted 18 (out of about 25 so far), and others that I uploaded in the past couple of days are still waiting review. I’m a little surprised at the ones they’ve accepted versus the ones they’ve rejected, but their criteria is based on what they think will sell, not necessarily what constitutes good photography. The rejections come with comments, such as “not sellable,” “poor composition,” “unclear what the message is,” etc.

    My suggestion? If you’re a really good, professional photographer (no, the photos don’t have to be taken with an iPhone, they just have to be uploaded from an iPhone), then go with something like istockphoto or any company that pays a better commission. But if you’d like to make $5 here and there, it’s better than Instagram.

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