Virgin Mobile starts selling the iPhone

Virgin Mobile USA is back online!

If you’re a Virgin Mobile customer and you’ve been longing to get your hands on Apple’s shiny iPhone, today’s your lucky day.

As promised, Virgin Mobile has started selling the iPhone 4 and 4S today, with delivery expected as early as tomorrow. Virgin customers looking to get their hands on the iPhone will shell out $549 or $649 for the 8GB iPhone 4 or 16GB iPhone 4S, respectively. If you order before 11am EST tomorrow (June 29th), they’ll add free overnight shipping to the deal so you’ll be in the iOS action tomorrow.

As Virgin Mobile is a prepaid network, the rate plans are much cheaper than you’d pay getting the device from the likes of AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. Users can choose from 3 plans which vary in price depending on the number of talk minutes you need. A 300 minute plan costs $35 per month, a 1,200 minute plan goes for $45 per month, and an unlimited everything plan sells for $55 per month. All plans include unlimited texts and data, with 2.5 GB of “high-speed” data. Of course, “high-speed” is relative, as Virgin Mobile USA runs on the Sprint Nextel network, which has the slowest 3G network in the country.

That said, we love that the iPhone is going prepaid, and Virgin Mobile has joined Cricket Wireless as the first prepaid carriers to offer Apple’s flagship device. We hope to see this trend continue with more prepaid carriers offering the device, as the savings potential on these networks is huge.

[via Virgin Mobile]

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