GameStop accepting pre-orders of the Nexus 7 [UPDATE]

Today Gamestop announced that it will be selling Google’s Nexus 7 tablet in its stores. The world’s biggest video game retailer is offering the search giant’s flagship slate with a decent deal attached. Whoever rolls into the store can use the Gamestop trade-in program to grab themselves this Jelly Bean delight, as customers can use any trade ins that are done specifically towards the purchase of the Nexus 7. For instance, trade ins can earn you an extra 30 percent in store value, which is around 60 bucks off the Nexus 7!

The folks over at Gamestop clearly have their heads in the right place by putting a huge focus on tablet devices is just smart business from a company changing with the times instead of being passed by. Furthermore, it’s great for people who are impatient and hate waiting for their products. This is really good thing for Google, as the company looks to get its flagship tablet in as many brick-and-mortar locations as possible.

The question is, which one of you out there will buy this from the Google Play store, or opt to trade in some of your old stuff and grab one from Gamestop?

Update: Hmm… Apparently, the pre-order page has been completely removed. I’m not even seeing the original offering the Nexus 7 tablet on the company’s news section anymore. Weird.

Source: Gamestop

  • Jerome Gantt

    as of 2pm us est they’ve removed the nexus 7 from their site.

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