Rumor: The next iPhone will launch in September, not October

Every iPhone except the current model launched during either June or July. The iPhone 4S hit the street in mid October. Will the next iPhone, the sixth generation model, also land in October? According to Brian White from Topeka Capital Markets, no. The next iPhone will launch one month earlier, in September. Why? Brian doesn’t say, but let’s speculate, shall we?

Nokia is going to hold Nokia World in September, which means we’ll be seeing Windows Phone 8 devices being announced. Whether or not they end up actually shipping in September is a whole other story which we’re not going to touch right now. Also in September is the rumored launch of Windows 8, the desktop operating system that Microsoft is betting the future on. We’ll probably get some more information about Surface, Microsoft’s tablet computer, during the same time. Then there’s Samsung, who is said to be introducing the second generation Galaxy Note during the same month as well. The first Note caught us off guard. We thought it would fail, but instead it turned out to be one of Samsung’s most popular devices.

That’s one Windows Phone from Nokia, possibly two, one tablet from Microsoft, and one phone/tablet hybrid from Samsung. Why not introduce an iPhone during all that brouhaha? And let’s not forget about October/November. That’s when we’ll see the next Nexus device. The current Nexus, the Galaxy Nexus, was announced in October 2011, it shipped in the UK a month later, and then on Verizon two months later. Now, just eight months after being strutted on stage, it’s $349. Any bets as to how much the next Nexus will cost?

Look, it’s a pretty bad time to buy a phone right now when you think about all the cool stuff that’s coming out over the next few months. The Galaxy S III and One X may be the best and the brightest on paper today, but with the Galaxy Nexus at $349 you’d be pretty stupid to buy either of those two superphones.

  • Who cares, it will still be an overpriced cheap chinese rebranded phone with the same boring and now Jurassic O/S

  • Panerai

    Who really cares? With all the stupid patent crap Apple has been pulling really takes away a lot of appeal and respect for the brand for me. I’d understand why the iPhone would suit some people better than android, BB or Windows but I’d like to see Samsung terminate their contract for supplying their chipsets and internals, pay them a few hundred mil in damages and watch them die a slow agonizing death. Live and let live and play fair.

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