A small device prevents the loss of your phone and valuables


Let’s face it – we’re all losers. Not in a bad way necessarily – from time to time we forget our keys and other valuables. There’s a new tech solution that will prevent that from happening again. It’s called Linquet, and it’s touted as the easiest anti-loss solution for your phone and valuables.

The little device works in pair with a mobile app that links “linquets” to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Then, when the phone or any linquet goes out-of-range, you’ll hear an alarm, reminding you that you’ve forgot something. Pretty cool, right?

But wait, there’s more. If for some reason you don’t hear the alarm, Linquet will upload time and location to the web, so you can get back to the place where you left of some valuable item. Don’t see it right away? No problem – just tap a button on the smartphone app to once again hear the alarm and find the forgotten item.

Unfortunately, you still can’t get Linquet; however, you can ask for an invite at its website to get an early access to the handy device. Love it! 🙂

UPDATE: Linquet now has an Android app.

  • So I assume that in order for this to work, bluetooth will always be activated on your device and another app will be running in the background, sounds like just another battery sucker to me.

    • James, although the Bluetooth needs to be ON all the time, thanks to sophisticated design, the battery consumption is only around 3% per day. Most of us are using more battery playing Angry birds. 🙂  Also, it doesn’t matter how much battery we have left on a “lost” phone. 

  • Shirondale Kelley

    What happens if your phones battery dies before the Linquet? Will it scream until it dies?

    • Very valid concern Shirondale. Gladly, Linquet has three modes; which users can choose from the app. By default, Linquets are on Short-alarm mode and in case your phone battery dies, the Linquet only alarms 3 times, and backups everything to the cloud. 

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