Google bucks Galaxy Nexus ban, plans to ship device next week

If you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, then you may have missed Apple’s attempt to ban both the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus in the United States, thanks to its ongoing patent battle between Samsung. But people need not worry, as the search giant is not only looking to implement a workaround to avoid the infringement claims, but it has given word to anxious customers that its flagship device will begin shipping out to folks starting next week, according to ABC News.

Even though Google is planning on bucking the legalities of the Galaxy Nexus ban, it’s still working on pushing out a software patch that will avoid infringing on an Apple patent for universal search, which District Court Judge Lucy Koh ruled on Friday was a valid reason to halt sales of the Galaxy Nexus. The patch workaround is only a temporary fix, as Samsung plans to fight the ban by appealing Judge Koh’s decision, Google will have Samsung’s back in that effort.

Without a doubt, Apple is trying to keep these devices off the shelves because they are super competitive (speaking more about the Galaxy Nexus). This whole thing sucks because in the end customers are the ones who lose in all of this legal squabbling.

[Source: ABC News; via AndroidCentral]



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