Nokia: The products you’ll really want from us will ship during spring 2013

Richard Kerris, Nokia’s Global Head of Developer Relations, recently sat down with Neowin and told them a few things that are worth repeating here. First, he confirms what many of us already know, that Verizon Wireless will be carrying Nokia’s Windows Phones. When? “It wont be long,” which is about as vague of an answer as you can possibly give. Second, he confirms another well known fact, that PureView technology is coming to Nokia’s Windows Phones. When? “Very soon,” yet another cryptic Yoda like response. Third, regarding patents, Kerris drops this knowledge bomb:

“In fact, their patent portfolio brings in just under a billion dollars a year. Kerris states that they have over 30,000 patents and 10,000 that are active and that they will aggressively defend them if they need to do so to protect their new technologies.”

But here’s the most important thing Kerris says, something that feels like getting stabbed in the stomach. He says “people will be climbing over themselves” to get Nokia’s new phones. Which new phones? The one the company plans on releasing during spring 2013. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, spring 2013 kicks off in late March. Considering that we’re barely two weeks into the start of Q3 2012, that would mean a wait of about three quarters, better known as nine months.

Does Nokia have that kind of time? And aren’t Windows Phone 8 devices supposed to hit the market during this holiday shopping season? These mythical devices that “people will be climbing over themselves”, what exactly do they do that’s so compelling?

We’re incredibly eager to see what Nokia has up their selves, but they need to understand that they’re not in a vacuum. By the time spring 2013 rolls around there’s going to be a new iPhone out on the market, a new iPad due to be announced, and May 2013 is just two months after March 2013.

Know what happens in May 2013? The Samsung Galaxy S IV will get unveiled.

  • HTC one X, the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy III

    Pissing on Nokia 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The product we really want? 


    So Nokia will release the Nokia N950 just 2 years after it was developed and ready to release? This sounds really strange to me. But what about a N9 successor with dualcore CPU and Pureview Camera? You could call it N10. 🙂

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  • Hmmm… so I guess we all just sit on hands and wait until this magical 

    • Anonymous

      Not really – Nokia actually has new devices out now as well as these projections. RIMM has announced that BB10 is shelved til at least January, therefore no new handsets.

  • Anonymous

    Nokia may not have the time but MSFT does, rumor is that NOK will be no more around spring 2013. Fits nicely..

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